Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

  • Facilities Maintenance and Operations resolves maintenance issues and meets the needs of the campus community. Urgent requests (ex. safety related issues, loss of power, food prep equipment, living and working conditions) are responded to within minutes or two days of the request, depending on the situation.

    Response time to other requests for service depends on the shop backlog. The backlog of work that is carried out by each shop varies due to the type of work requested and the time it takes to complete the work. In order to meet your requests, plan ahead. Advance notice is required - this is especially important for time-sensitive requests.

    Requests that are time-specific, require two or more people, are off-campus, and/or take many hours to complete are to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior so that they can be scheduled. Last minute requests may require bumping another requester's scheduled work.

    All requests require a Work Order. Some services are charged back to the department.


    Call the Facilities Resource Center (FRC): (206) 296-6996
    After hours, call Public Safety: (206) 296-5990

    Facilities Resource Center

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