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Redhawks in the Legislature: Representative Dave Paul, '90, 10th Legislative District

Written by Lincoln Vander Veen

February 8, 2021

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Representative Paul is one of the leaders in the legislature searching for solutions to the issues integral to a just and humane world.

Representative Dave Paul, ’90, remembers clearly—and with a hint of astonishment—that his professors at Seattle U in the late ‘80s were teaching students about the mishandling of important issues of public policy and social justice in the region, such as affordable housing and inequality. He remembers professors lecturing passionately in political science courses about poor housing policies and racial inequities and the devastating consequences that would be coming to the region and country because of it. As we all know, those professors were right all those years ago.  

Not much of a surprise, then, that Representative Paul is one of the leaders in the legislature searching for solutions to the issues integral to a just and humane world. 

The work, especially right now, is so uniquely important. So many people are having a difficult time, explains Paul. The work we need to do to provide folks good housing options, the work we need to do on racial justice to close the wealth gap. We’re searching and finding solutions.” 

Representative Paul, who lives with his wife and four children in Oak Harbor, does not shy away from the nuts-and-bolts issues of government, either. He serves on three core committees in the legislature: Transportation, College & Workforce Development and Education. And, for this representative of the 10th Legislative District, his service doesnt stop there.  

Hes a member of Seattle U's Alumni Board of Governors and doing his part to help bring about Our Moment for Mission.  

Ive been friends with Jonathan Brown [assistant vice president of Alumni Engagement] since college,” says Paul, “and he and the alumni team make it easy for alums to get involved."  

His advice to an alum looking to reconnect with Seattle U? Send an email. Make a phone call. Show up at an event or a game,” he says. “The barriers to entry are very low. 

So bring a friend and join Representative Paul in helping Seattle U fulfill its mission. And bring your complicated questions about housing policy, too! 


This profile of Representative Paul is the second in a four-part series about Redhawks in the legislature. Next up: Representative Debra Entenman, ’03, 47thLegislative District


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