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Criminal Justice Department

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    Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary social science involving the study of crime and societal responses to it. The programs of study offered through the Criminal Justice Department provide students with knowledge of the components of criminal justice system and stages of criminal justice process with focused study of specific fields within the discipline. The curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels includes coursework in criminal justice and criminology, organizational theory and criminal justice ethics, and research methods and statistics with focused coursework in a particular specialization area. 

    Academy of Criminal Justice SciencesWe are one of only eight programs in the United States to be certified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the only one west of the Rockies.

    Degrees offered:

    Undergraduate Degrees

    Graduate Degrees

    Criminal Justice Student Organizations

    The Criminal Justice Honor Society -- Pi Delta is the local Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

    The Criminal Justice Club is a student organization dedicated to providing hands-on education and experience in the criminal justice field.

    Student Council Representatives

    The College of Arts & Sciences Student Executive Council (SEC) consists of a group of student appointees who meet with Dean of the College to represent the concerns/interests of students. The Criminal Justice Student Representative for 2014-15 is Valerie Fisher. If you have any concerns, comments, feedback, ideas, or suggestions that you would like to make known to the college or the Dean, please share them with with our department's SEC representative.

    The Arts & Sciences Graduate Council (ASGC) focuses on creating dialogue between administration and students; fostering academic interdisciplinary partnerships amongst graduate programs; and building community within the College as a whole.  The ASGC Representatives for 2014-15 are Jennifer Ertl and Chamene Woods.

  • News & Events

    An in-depth study by Seattle University professors found costs related to pursuing the death penalty are about 1.4 to 1.5 times more than when a prosecutor does not seek death.

    Adjunct Al O'Brien was featured in recent issue of SU Magazine while preparing for CJ forensic class with Dexter-like flare.

    Adrian Raine will speak at upcoming Continuing Education on Biological Roots of Crime. Event scheduled for May 1, 2015.

    Department Chair Jacqueline Helfgott received a top rating for the 4-Volume "Criminal Psychology" set.

    Details and more news and events here.