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Educational Planning Resources

  • Use the following information to help make and meet educational goals, discern academic direction and register for classes. For additional assistance, contact your assigned academic advisor or stop by the Arts and Sciences Advising Center.

    Typical Programs of Study (UG) 

    Typical Programs of Study are designed to help you gain a broad perspective on when and how to complete your degree requirements. They are useful in considering study abroad opportunities, selecting electives, and planning for internships, research, etc.  These documents include suggested courses of study for 2 and 4 year degree completion timelines. Your actual plan of study may vary from these examples due to prior educational experiences or individual goals.  Use these templates as a place to begin your planning and discuss your progress regularly with your academic advisor.

    Two Year Course Offerings (UG) 

    Two Year Course Offerings include tentative department/program course offerings for the two upcoming academic years.  These schedules are subject to change and are included here for planning purposes only.  Check SU Online for current quarterly schedules.

    How to Build your Educational Plan

    This helpful guide walks you through the steps of creating an educational plan and setting your academic goals.

    Educational Planning Forms

    There are a variety of educational planning forms available to utilize when working with your academic advisor to determine your educational goals and to plan for quarterly course selection.

      Detailed Educational Planning Form  

      Non-Detailed Educational Planning Form  

      Weekly Schedule Form  

    Major and Minor Selection(UG) 

    Thinking about changing your major or adding a minor? Click here for information about majors and minors offered at Seattle University, resources to explore different undergraduate majors and minors and things to consider when adding additional majors, minors, degrees, or certificates to an academic program. Stop by the ASAC Resource Wall in Casey 1W for Major Cards and other useful advising materials.

    Registration Problem-Solving

    Having a hard time registering? Click here for help with the quarterly registration process, solutions to common registration problems, and assistance in getting into closed Core classes.