Alumni Benefits
  • As an SU Alumni Association member, you get access to great member benefits! Singing alumni

    You are a member of the SU Alumni Association the moment you graduate. We are in the process of adding to the benefits and discounts you'll receive through the association, so check back often.

    Questions about your eligibility?  Seattle University's Alumni Status Policy.

    Use side navigation for information about lodging, educational, spiritual and recreational benefits. 

     Alumni Benefits


    Academic Transcripts and Diplomas 

    Seattle University's Registrar's Office is happy to provide a limited number of transcripts to you at no cost. For more information, please see the Requesting a Transcript page on the Seattle University Registrar's Office website. You may order a replacement diploma through the Office of the Registrar. Click here for information on how to order your replacement diploma.  

    Bookstore Discount 

    All alumni permanently receive 15% DISCOUNT on all items purchased at the Seattle University Bookstore (class rings and text books excluded). Just mention your alumni status as you are checking out.

    Insurance for SU Alumni

    Vehicle Insurance

    Seattle U's Office of Alumni Relations has partnered with GEICO.  Your completed insurance application supports our alumni activities and student scholarship fund. You do not have to sign up with Geico for us to receive that support.  Click here for more information. 

    GradMed Health Insurance

    GradMed short-term health insurance is a valuable benefit provided by Seattle U's Office of Alumni Relations. An ideal product for new graduates and alumni between jobs, with GradMed you can choose a coverage period and deductible that meets your needs, protecting you from the expenses associated with an accident or illness. Coverage can begin as early as the day after receipt of your application.  For more information about GradMed, please click here.

    If you have questions about any of the benefits and services you are entitled to, please contact our office.