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At Seattle University, we make it easier for working professionals like you to earn an advanced degree while you’re busy earning a living. It’s part of our mission to help you develop a professional perspective focused on life-long learning that is informed by the knowledge and skills of your graduate education.

The Benefits of Your Advanced Degree

Earn up to 25% more than your bachelor’s counterparts

Demonstrates the determination, intellect and skill development employers look for in managers

Greater personal and professional satisfaction

Higher levels of education lead to greater civic engagement, longevity and health

Student Profile

DoQuyen Huynh, ’07 BSN, ’10 MSN, ’14 DNP

College of Nursing

DoQuyen Huynh came to the U.S. at age 11 as a political refugee with her family from Vietnam. As child she struggled to make sense of the social injustices she experienced in her new country. As an adult, she has devoted her career as a nurse practitioner (NP) to ensuring that vulnerable populations, including political refugees and immigrants, receive the best possible health care. A graduate of Seattle U’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, Huynh is on a mission to arm her fellow nurse practitioners with post-graduate training to prepare them for the demands of working with vulnerable populations. “Seattle University’s DNP degree enabled me to take the next step in my career; that is, to address the primary care shortage crisis by giving nurse practitioners the tools they need to succeed in complex community health settings,” Huynh says.

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