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At Seattle University, we make it easier for working professionals like you to earn an advanced degree while you’re busy earning a living. It’s part of our mission to help you develop a professional perspective focused on life-long learning that is informed by the knowledge and skills of your graduate education.

The Benefits of Your Advanced Degree

Earn up to 25% more than your bachelor’s counterparts

Demonstrates the determination, intellect and skill development employers look for in managers

Greater personal and professional satisfaction

Higher levels of education lead to greater civic engagement, longevity and health

Alumni Profile

Sukhman Ghumman, '16

Master of Software Engineering
College of Science and Engineering

Life has a way of throwing curve balls—sometimes of the best kind. Sukhman Ghumman had been a software engineer in India for four years with dreams of becoming a manager. During a vacation to the United States a conversation ensued between her grandmother and her future mother-in-law. Next thing Ghumman knew, she was married to a childhood friend and living in Seattle. Here, she took advantage of Seattle University’s Master of Software Engineering program—in addition to all her new city and vibrant campus had to offer. Today, as a manager at Bluetooth headquarters, Ghumman has fulfilled her career goal and so much more.

Sukhman Ghumman

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