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Here to help you drive, climb or pivot

Seattle University’s top-ranked graduate programs are designed to benefit full-time students and working professionals determined to reach their individual and career goals. At Seattle U, tuition is affordable, schedules flexible, class sizes small, educators who are plugged in and access to globally admired brands are just around the corner.

We can help you with your Drive to make the most of your undergrad degree. Ready for the Climb up through the ranks of management? We can show you the way. And when it’s time for a career Pivot that will keep you one step ahead of where business is trending, there’s no better place than the Emerald City.

And because our university is deeply rooted in Jesuit tradition, you’ll receive a whole-person education in a place where the dichotomies between ambition and altruism, excellence and compassion, professional and personal meet and merge to create a more just and humane world.

Apply today and experience what it’s like to learn, live and launch a career with an advanced degree from Seattle University.

Alexis Thornton, '17 MPAC

Consistently Up There in the Pacific Northwest

When it comes to graduate program rankings, Seattle University is continually one of the best.

Seattle University is in the top 15 percent for colleges/universities in the U.S.

Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education

#3 Part-time MBA in Northwest,
#10 in the West

as a Green Campus for Sustainable Practices

LEMBA in the Northwest,
#4 in the West

Top 10 Producer of Peace Corps Volunteers

#1 MSBA in the Northwest,
#12 in the U.S.

Leading with Values

Seattle University graduates arrive in the workforce prepared to be a force for good, influenced by ideals we hold dear.


Seattle University is dedicated to educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world.



We put the good of students first.

Academic Excellence

We value excellence in learning with great teachers who are active scholars.


We celebrate educational excellence achieved through diversity.


We treasure our Jesuit Catholic ethos and the enrichment from many faiths of our university community.


We foster a concern for justice and the competence to promote it.


We seek to develop responsible leaders committed to the common good.

A Philosophy of Human Fulfillment

Becoming a well-rounded professional means more than building a better resume. That’s why graduate students from around the world come to Seattle University with open minds and open hearts.

Our curriculum is rooted in nearly 500 years of Jesuit Catholic tradition and an international perspective and commitment to caring for the whole person, knowing that the mind, body and spirit are equal parts of the human equation.