University Planning


  • University Planning

    Robert Dullea
    Vice President for University Planning and Vice Provost
    (206) 296-2590  

    Heather Geiger
    Manager of University Planning
    (206) 296-5832  

    Elia Grenier
    Senior Administrative Assistant to the CIO and Institutional Research
    (206) 398-4503  

    Lauren Rochholz 
    Administrative Coordinator
    (206) 296-2590  

    Institutional Research

    Matthew Borda
    Institutional Research Analyst
    (206) 220-8231

    Robert Duniway
    Assistant Vice President for University Planning and Director of Institutional Research
    (206) 296-2145

    Greg Grabowski
    Institutional Research Database and Report Developer
    (206) 296-6422  

    Irina Voloshin
    Assistant Director of Institutional Research
    (206) 296-2802 

    Office of the CIO

    Mark Anthoney
    Instructional Technologist
    (206) 220-8279   

    John Buell
    Canvas System Administrator
    (206) 220-8276  

    Janice Chittenden
    Senior Project Manager
    (206) 220-8277  

    Chuck Porter
    Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Information Technology
    (206) 398-4490