School of Theology and Ministry

School of Theology and Ministry

  • Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry students come from almost every decade of life experience and from a gamut of religious backgrounds and faith perspectives. We believe that the best kind of learning comes from great conversations; that different points of view colliding and intermingling make learning richer and deeper.


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  • From the Dean: When it Comes to Resolutions...The real world demands that we recognize that everything in life changes slowly, including ourselves, and all true change requires a life long commitment. We are not just human beings; we are human becomings.

    Timely Story: Dr. Kinnamon, President Castro & US Relations with Cuba Our school’s very own Dr. Kinnamon was intimately involved with President Castro and the United States’ relationship with Cuba. Get the story here…

    January Edition: Faculty, Student & Alumni HighlightsSome great updates this month from the school's faculty, staff, students, and alumni as they work in our local, national and global community...

    Inside the Classroom: Martin Luther King, Jr. & Beloved CommunityDr. Wilson Bridges helps students reflect theologically on the life and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr. in this special weekend course.

    All are Welcome! Discernment Workshop, 2/28Are you discerning an important question? Participate in this free interactive workshop for those seeking to deeply consider potential life changes!

    Update: Faith & Family Homelessness ProjectCheck out the latest from the school's important Faith & Family Homelessness Project here...

    Follow the Blog! Daily 'Week of Prayer' PostsThe school's Worship & Liturgy blog will be featuring special posts for this upcoming "Week of Prayer," shared by pastoral leaders, alumni, students, and faculty.

    Students! Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle, 2/17Seattle University’s Interfaith and Interspiritual Circle is a student club hosted by students from our very own school.