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    Master of Software Engineering Master of Science in Computer Science
    Admission Requirement:
    Minimum of 2 years work experience in software industry
    Admission Requirement:
    Undergraduate degree in computer science or sufficient CS background (*)
    Program Goals:
    Understand the software development lifecycle

    Gain experience with all aspects of SE (requirements, architecture, design, analysis, coding, testing, QA, and project management)

    Develop teamwork and leadership skills by working on industry sponsored projects

    Broadening skills through interactions with other software professionals
    Program Goals:
    In depth study of a variety of computer science topics

    Research or software implementation experience with an individual graduate project

    Strengthen knowledge of core CS areas (algorithms, systems, databases, and software design)

    Focused learning in area of technical expertise

    Career Goals:
    Advance into leadership project management positions

    Advance into architecture and design positions

    Advance into development position from testing/supporting positions
    Career Goals:
    Start career as a software developer

    Advance career in software industry along the technical path

    Pursue doctoral studies

    (*) Students may be conditionally admitted if they don't meet all the prerequisites. Some additional coursework may be necessary.