Learning Assistance Programs

Learning Assistance Programs

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    A Learning Commons Partner

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    Learning Assistance includes the following programs:

    Individual Consultations with a Learning Specialist

    Individual sessions are provided for students who want to fine-tune their study approaches or to develop skills in a particular area. We conduct learning style assessments, recommend effective study skills, and coach students in applying proven academic strategies in their classes.

    Tutoring Services

    Learning Assistance Programs provide free peer tutoring for several math, science, business, language and nursing courses.  Our program is nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.

    Learning Strategy Workshops

    We offer interactive workshops on a variety of topics of interest to students, including sessions on time management, improving reading strategies, effective review and test-taking methods.

    Group Study Opportunities

    Facilitated Study Groups are peer-led and coordinated with specific courses. In the sessions, students explore course concepts, practice problem solving, and learn study approaches in a collaborative setting. Language Conversation Groups are peer-led and focus on the practice of conversational speaking for various languages.

    Learning Assistance Programs Values

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    • Welcome all students and care for each as a valued member of the Seattle University community
    • Attend to the development of the whole student with positive support
    • Provide high quality services, programming and resources for students
    • Improve programs continuously through assessment and evaluation
    • Appreciate and promote diversity and justice
    • Value the unique gifts and work style of each staff member
    • Commit to an open and honest working and learning staff community
    • Contribute to decision-making discussions and listen to the voices of others
    • Enjoy collegiality based on mutual care and fun
    • Value student workers and develop their leadership potential
    • Work collaboratively in campus-wide partnerships
    • Promote Seattle University's mission, vision, and goals
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  • Hours

    9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Closed Weekends 

    (206) 398-4450 


    The TNA Blitz will occur on 
    Monday, January 11th
    from 5-7:30pm 
    Additional appointment times available by request

    Lemieux Library - 2nd floor