Global Engagement

Global Engagement

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  • The Life You Change May Be Your Own

    Welcome to Global Engagement, your gateway to the wide world of international study programs and resources at Seattle University.

    On our global campus and through our Education Abroad programs, we advance the university’s mission of creating leaders for a just and humane world.

    The world is waiting for what only you can bring to it. And we’re with you every step of the way.

    Experiential Learning

    Experiential learning is an invaluable way to connect classroom concepts to service experiences both in the community and throughout the world. That direct experience is a learning tool that provides opportunities to apply theories you learn in class. It’s also part of educating students to be global citizens, one of Seattle University’s defining characteristics.


    Service learning builds solidarity through mutual respect and understanding.


    The gifts of service learning flow in all directions—to our students from local communities and with partner organizations around the world.


    Service learning solves real problems, making valued and meaningful differences in local communities and beyond.


    Students have the time and support to reflect on their experiences. This intellectual spaciousness is vital to the transformative power of the SU experience.