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  • CCTS Webinar Series: Postsecondary Education and Training

    Posted by Kevin Snyder on 11/3/2014 01:01:30 PM

    Join CCTS for the third webinar in our series focusing on the variety of postsecondary education and training options available in Washington State as well as the transition services needed to help students successfully navigate the transition. You can find more information in this flyer.

    Link to join the December 10th Webinar

    2014 Post-School Survey Completed!

    Posted by Kevin Snyder on 11/3/2014 01:00:58 PM

    The 2014 Post-School Survey is now closed. Thank you to all the secretaries, para-educators, teachers, and administrators for all your hard work and time in contacting our student leavers. The Washington state contact rate for this year reached to 76.9%, surpassing our goal of 70%. The state wide response rate for this survey reached 74.5%. The data specific to your district will be available for you to download by December 15th. CCTS will send out an email notice with login instructions closer to the release. The final state-wide data will be released in the OPSI Annual Performance Review in mid-February.

    Start your year with FREE Career Assessments

    Posted by Kevin Snyder on 9/6/2014 04:41:40 PM

    It's the start of a new school year and the Workforce Board's popular career guides are flying off the shelf! Make sure you get copies of this free guide, which includes a career quiz, state labor market information on hundreds of occupations and a variety of career resources, including resume-writing and interview tips.

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