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    All students must adhere to the professional codes of conduct described in the materials below.


    We expect you to maintain high ethical standards in both your professional life and in your coursework. Specifically, this means that the work you submit as evidence of your academic competence must be your own and your behavior inside and outside of class meet the ethical standards for professional behavior as outlined in the American Psychological Association's (APA) Ethics Code. Additionally, students should familiarize themselves with the American Counselors Association (ACA) Code of Ethics, as this informs the practice of counseling in WA State and is part of the licensing exam. Violations of the standards include (but are not limited to) plagiarism of all kinds, cheating, lying, and the use of unauthorized aid to obtain a grade or credit. When using the work of others, you must cite and reference the material using APA (2001) Publication Manual (6th ed.) guidelines (see Appendix B). Ethical lapses not specifically course-related, but which affect your Seattle University activities, are also prohibited and may also subject you to disciplinary action.

    Details regarding the university’s position on academic honesty and integrity are provided in the Academic Integrity Policy (2011-3). The policy specifies standards of conduct, penalties for violation of these standards, procedures, and the nature of the appeal process.


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