Center for Community Engagement

Mission, Vision and Goals

  • Mission

    The Center for Community Engagement connects campus and community to pursue a more just and humane world.

    Vision Statement

    By building a seamless web of interconnection between the educational programs of Seattle University and the needs and assets of the local community, the Center will positively transform our university and our communities.


    The CCE's work depends on reciprocal relationships based upon integrity and trust. We embody this ethos through the following values:

    1. Service. We are committed to engaging with others with compassion, creativity, and care.
    2. Justice. Acknowledging the dignity of all individuals, we seek a world in which all people thrive. 
    3. Collaboration. Community defined needs and strengths guide and inspire our work. 
    4. Respect. We act with humility and a sense of gratitude. 
    5. Responsibility. We make the best use of our resources through work that is data driven, efficient and effective. 


    We will:

    1. Engage SU students and faculty to serve, learn and lead for a just and humane world.
    2. Build capacity for social change in our local community.
    3. Advance the field of community engagement in higher education.