Which of our colleagues won the raffle for participating in the LiVE program?

April 8, 2014

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LiVE Seattle University

Q:   Which of our colleagues won the raffle for participating in the LiVE program?

A:   LiVE Seattle University is a wellness program that allows faculty and staff to earn rewards as they adopt healthy lifestyles. 

  • 1,000 points qualifies you for the lowest available price on medical insurance
  • 1,500 enters you into a year-end raffle for a $750 REI gift card
  • 2,000 gets you recognized as a member of the Wellness Achievement Circle 

The two winners of the $750 REI gift cards based on their 2013 points totals are Bridget Walker, associate professor in the College of Education, and Terry Lundmark, senior graphic designer in Marketing Communications. 

"I had started using the (LiVE) system last year in an inconsistent manner," says Walker, left. "But then I had surgery early last summer and as part of my recovery set some goals for myself to get back in shape and active again. I started charting and tracking my activity and related events, and the points just added up." 

Walker used part of the REI gift card to purchase some new hiking boots, socks and a day pack in advance of a trip that she and her husband took to Zion National Park in Utah over spring break. 

"I found that the charting aspect of the program was useful and motivating, especially as I got a more systematic approach to exercise into my life again," says Walker. "Silly as it sounds I guess I enjoyed the smiley faces when I would meet my goals. The prompts for some other activities, such as connecting with a friend, cooking a slow food meal etc. were good reminders for me. I didn't need to compare or compete with anyone else, but the graphs and charts of my own progress were helpful to me. I also found the well-being assessment interesting and a source of reflection." 

TerryLundmark_85Lundmark, right, says it was the prospect of a reduced health premium that motivated her to participate in LiVE. And the program seemed to fit her lifestyle. "I'm generally a healthy person, so racking up the points-like getting a check-up is worth tons of points!-wasn't all that difficult. You just have to be diligent about it." 

She and her husband also plan to use the gift card for hiking gear-"Although we may need to replace our tent in another year or so, so we may hang on to it for that." 

Visit LiVE Seattle University to enroll in the program.