What percentage of faculty and staff made elections during Open Enrollment?

December 7, 2015

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Open Enrollment

Q: What percentage of faculty and staff made elections during Open Enrollment? 

A: This year's Open Enrollment was different from that of years past in that faculty and staff had to choose their healthcare coverage or be defaulted to the Premera Health Savings Account option. 

So how did we do? Here's what the benefits team has to report about Open Enrollment, which concluded on Nov. 20: 

"Thank you!!! During the four weeks of Open Enrollment there were 1,324 faculty and staff who processed their elections-a participation rate of 99%. Now that is impressive! 

"With sincere gratitude (we extend) a big thank you for your participation in Open Enrollment this year. We are very grateful to all faculty and staff who interacted with the enrollment system, engaged with Human Resources-including reading email and other communications, and connected with our benefit plan representatives to finalize benefits decisions for 2016.

The importance this year was to be thoughtful of benefit selections and to have a better understanding of the comprehensive benefits offered by the university. The goal for this year's Open Enrollment was for 100% participation-we'll just round up and say mission accomplished thanks to you." 

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