What does it mean to be an "honored retiree?"

June 3, 2013

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"Honored Retiree"

Q:  What does it mean to be an "honored retiree?"

A:  Honored retirees are "employees with 15 or more years of full-time service at age 55 or older who, in the sole judgment of the (u)niversity, performed his/her duties in an exemplary or outstanding manner and who exemplified the (u)niversity's mission, vision and values during his or her service," according to the official university policy. To be recognized as an honorary retiree, the staff member also must voluntarily resign for the purpose of retirement and not go on to work at another institution of higher learning. 

In addition to recognizing outstanding service, the policy is intended to encourage an ongoing connection to the university and includes the following: 

  • Library access and borrowing privileges
  • Connolly and Fitness Center access (no charge for retiree)
  • Staff bookstore discount
  • Faculty/staff rates for athletic events and fine arts performances
  • University e-mail account
  • Standing invitation to participate in university events such as Mission Day, Christmas reception and the appreciation event, as well as educational events such as speakers, forums and workshops.
  • Campus card to facilitate these privileges

Honored retiree status is based on nomination of the retiree's dean or vice president and concurrence of the provost or executive vice president. Nominations will be submitted to the president for his consideration.

This year's honored retirees are Jim Adolphson (Finance and Business Affairs); Carol Brown (Campus Housing Custodial); Mary Carpenter (Albers School of Business and Economics); Jane Grossman (School of Law); and Sue Hogan (School of Theology and Ministry).