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I’m Grateful for…

Written by Marketing Communications

November 24, 2014

students at the quad and fountain in the spring

Seattle University faculty and staff share their gratitude.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our invitation to share a few words on what they are grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I am especially grateful this year for all my colleagues at Seattle University on the faculty, staff, and administration over the past thirty-two years. Blessings to each of you.
- David Leigh, S.J., professor of English

I'm thankful I work for an institution that gives me space to practice my faith.
- Lisa Gustaveson, program manager, Faith and Family Homelessness Project, School of Theology and Ministry 


I am thankful for the staff that keep my office clean and well-kept every day.  

I am also thankful for the Bon Appetit staff that serve our events, and one person in particular Debbie, she is so professional and courteous and a definite asset to the entire staff of Bon Appetit and a wonderful representative of Seattle University.

I am also thankful for the people that work in Facilities for making the outside of the building and grounds look so fabulous all year round!!

I feel thankful to have a job that I really enjoy, and I get to come in everyday and work with the best of the best!

I am thankful for all the staff that work here at Seattle University…
- Susan Espanol, senior administrative assistant, Department of Diagnostic Ultrasound, College of Science and Engineering

I am thankful for opportunities to nurture my intellectual curiosity and to be supported in producing good, scholarly work.  I am also thankful for the medical and dental benefits Seattle U provides for me and my family.
- Kathleen Pape, adjunct faculty, MA Psychology Program

I am grateful for my good health and the health of my family. Every day, especially this year I wake up and thank God for not only being alive but that me and my family are healthy and strong.
- Susan Vosper, '90,'10, assistant vice president, Alumni Relations

I'm thankful that I get to come to work on such a beautiful campus every day. The gardens, grounds, and landscape are gorgeous year-round! Thank you to everyone who works so hard to keep it that way!
- Stephanie Lewis, administrative assistant, English Department, College of Arts and Sciences


I am thankful for our students who volunteer to share their stories and their dreams with donors, alumni and volunteers. Just this week, Sarah Tucker and Danicole Ramos gave meaningful reflections on gratitude for our Legacy Society Thanksgiving event. We also have a host of students from across campus, including our great SAAs, who serve as ambassadors at various donor, leadership and alumni events. We hear time and again that it's this connection with students that makes the mission of SU come alive. No wonder!
- Sarah Finney, senior director, Planned Giving, University Advancement

- Lyn Gualtieri, instructor, Environmental Science Program

I am grateful for (Associate ) Dean Kathleen La Voy (of Arts and Sciences). She knows why.
- Kimberly Gawlik, administrative assistant, Institute of Public Service and Environmental Studies

I am thankful that I get to explore the gifts of the natural world every day!
- Becki Koukal-Liebe,  gardener, Grounds