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Welcome Back, Redhawks!

September 21, 2023

a picture of students in front of a first day of class sign

Image credit: Yosef Kalinko, Nodoka Kondo and Aidan Sales,

Seattle University is abuzz with first-year and returning students and campus community members ushering in a new academic year. 

Seattle University’s 2023-24 academic term is underway!

The new academic year began with Move-In Weekend, when new and returning students settled into their new digs, met their dorm mates and said goodbye to family members and loved ones (there were some tears shed!)

After move-in, students attended a Fall Welcome Kickoff setting them up for the year ahead, followed by New Student Convocation on September 18, all leading up to the first day of classes on September 20.

Throughout this time students were treated to a series of special programming and social events—from Mass at the Chapel of St. Ignatius to games and team-building activities to sporting events—designed to provide an exciting and engaging experience for students as they begin to build their own traditions as Redhawks.

Here are some highlights from the week in photos. 

Move-In Weekend
September 16-17

“This is one of the best days of the year when first-year students are moving in and here with their families. There’s so much excitement on campus and when the students are here it really brings the place back to life and the whole campus comes together,” said President Eduardo Peñalver. 

Students pose at move in day

smiling staff greet new and returning students at move in day

student smiling with parent move in

student moving in

Some comments from parents over the course of the weekend as they said their goodbyes:

“I hope that my daughter continues to grow as a person. She’s embarking on this new adventure and this is the beginning of her adulthood. My hope for her is to keep learning, growing and really experience everything because this is her moment.”

Dad hugging daughter at kickoff event

“There is a whole dynamic and wonderful campus, city and community and we want our daughter to take full advantage of it.”

“When you’re a freshman you meet some people that hopefully become lifelong friends and I hope she gets that friendship and people she can relate with through the rest of her life.”

student and parent embrace in pink at kickoff event

Fall Welcome Kickoff
September 16

Two girls smiling at kickoff

Smiling new student at fall kickoff

New Student Convocation
September 18

New Student Convocation is an important rite of passage for new students at Seattle University as we celebrates the start of our undergraduates' academic journeys as Redhawks.

Fall welcome kickoff event

New student convocation new student in crowd

New student convocation featuring President

First Day of Classes
September 20 

students taking photos with balloons on the first day

first day students laughing at table at Albers

Here are some first-day impressions from students on why they chose Seattle University:

"I chose Seattle U because I was really excited about the smaller class sizes.”

“I love the environment of Seattle U and the culture of campus.”

students having fun outside the library on the first day

students enjoying first day of school in SU's Quad

teacher in front of chalkboard on first day

students studying at sinegal center

“I chose Seattle U because I really like being in the city and that it’s really easy to get from place to place here. Also, the smaller class sizes were really important to me because I’m a STEM major so I was scared of being in 300-400 person lectures but I don’t have to worry about that here.”