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SU Leverages T-Mobile's 5G Network for the Future of Learning

Written by Tara Lee

October 11, 2023

T Mobile logo overlayed on photo of students on campus with laptops

Seattle University and T-Mobile partnership will help enhance student learning, collaboration and global technology innovation.

Seattle University and T-Mobile are joining forces to help deliver Seattle University’s Connected Experience initiative, which aims to improve digital equity for students, advance student success outcomes, increase operational efficiencies and drive innovation. T-Mobile will be the primary 5G service provider for the campus-wide internet network as well as equipping the university’s staff with 5G-connected devices to streamline operations.

“The joint program will help us create a more collaborative and innovative campus for Seattle University students to learn,” says President Eduardo Peñalver. “Seattle University is the place where innovation meets humanity. We are excited to collaborate with such a forward-looking, impactful company that just happens to be headquartered here in the Pacific Northwest.”

Seattle University will deploy several projects that leverage 5G such as:  

  • Building out high-speed internet across campus.
  • Enhance campus safety and security services using 5G-enabled smart cameras.
  • 5G-enabled devices and services for select Seattle University leadership, faculty, staff, emergency response teams and students.
  • Increasing connectivity for international students.
  • Student-led academic projects leveraging 5G innovation.

“It’s always a bonus when T-Mobile gets to innovate with customers like Seattle University who are in our backyard. And this initiative builds on the strong relationship T-Mobile has enjoyed with Seattle University over the years,” says Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group. “We love that students will immediately and directly benefit from T-Mobile 5G and this is just the beginning.”

In addition to the immediate implementation of high-speed internet and devices, several initiatives are planned for the future. This includes an innovation hub and connected labs that will create a community around learning experiences. The lab is intended to bring faculty, students, startups, community members, partners and established companies together to imagine, research, prototype, test and showcase next generation products and services.

“We have dozens of projects in the works through this collaboration that will benefit our entire campus and the larger community over the next couple of years,” says Travis Nation, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Seattle University. “Our students are going to be better prepared for the workforce of tomorrow because of the opportunity they will have to utilize the technologies that might have been inaccessible to them before.”

“At T-Mobile, we know that connectivity is an important factor for student success, so we’ve quickly worked hand-in-hand with Seattle University to upgrade the campus-wide connectivity,” says David Bezzant, Vice President, T-Mobile for Government. “We’re thrilled that students are benefiting from the improvements that are live today and we’re already in the midst of building with Seattle University to bring them more benefits in the future.”