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Enhancing A Shared Vision and Mission

November 3, 2023

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Seattle University unifies Board of Regents and Alumni Board of Governors. 

In a move marking a significant milestone in its pursuit of excellence in higher education and community engagement, Seattle University’s Board of Regents and the Alumni Board of Governors (ABOG) have unified under the banner of the "Board of Regents.”

The merger represents a strategic move toward greater proficiency and effectiveness in connecting SU, its alumni community and the broader Seattle area.

President Eduardo Peñalver and other senior leaders engaged in extensive discussions with the leadership of both the Board of Regents and ABOG to ensure that this unification would best serve the needs and functions of both groups.

In a joint letter, ABOG President Megan Lemieux Bell, ’95, and Board of Regents Chair Michelle Galvin, ’98, expressed their commitment to maintaining the invaluable alumni voice within the new structure, writing.

“We continue to honor the precedent that our Alumni Board of Governors has set in upholding the invaluable alumni voice and welcome their collaborative insight amongst our university board representatives. We believe that this shift represents a significant step forward for all of us.”

The newly unified Board of Regents convened for its inaugural meeting on October 13. During this meeting, members focused on establishing bylaws, defining board membership and laying the groundwork for a cohesive culture and shared sense of purpose.

Lemieux Bell and Galvin are enthusiastic about the prospects of this unification and the positive impact it will have, with both concurring that this move will best support the university more efficiently and purposely. Together they say, “This unification will allow us to deepen our engagement with students, alumni and the community. Now as a combined body with a shared vision, we can support the university more efficiently and purposely.”