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The Return of Red Talks

November 14, 2022

Office of Diversity and Inclusion kicks off yearlong speaker series on “Freedom Dreaming: The Intersectional Voices on Collective Liberation.”

After being on hold the past two years due to COVID-19, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion announces that Red Talks are back! The theme of the 2022-23 series is “Freedom Dreaming: Intersectional Voices on Collective Liberation."

The series kicks off with School of Law Professor and Wismer Professor for Gender and Diversity Dean Spade, November 15, 12:30–1:30 p.m. at Pigott Auditorium. The focus of Spade’s talks is “Mutual Aid for Survival and Mobilization.” 

In 2020, “mutual aid” became a household term as tens of thousands of people coordinated to support each other’s basic needs in the unfolding pandemic and to provide street medic support and bail money for people protesting police violence. In this talk, Professor Spade will discuss the significance of mutual aid to historical and contemporary social movements. He argues that mutual aid is often left out of accounts of social change that center law and policy and that as we face a worsening climate crisis, mutual aid will be vital to human survival and building new social relations based in care and collective self-determination.

About Red Talks 
Red Talks is a speaker series featuring intersectional voices on a range of topics under the umbrella of inclusive excellence at Seattle University. Led by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in partnership with the Office of the Provost, the series aims to elevate faculty voices across disciplines, as well as the voices of prominent thought leaders in the broader community. This year’s theme provides a forum to explore what it means to empower community, nurture radical inclusion and imagine transformation. 

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