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Quadstock Rocks!

Written by Sofia Marti

May 25, 2022

Photo of a live band at Quadstock

Image credit: Jaidev Vella

Headliners Misterwives gets the crowd moving.

Live music and arts festival draws students back to a popular SU tradition.

If you didn’t hear the music, singing or clapping from more than 500 students in the Quad on May 21, I’m not sure you can say you were actually on campus that day. For the 32nd Quadstock, a range of different communities were represented on campus including music lovers and foodies! From grabbing Mexican food at the food truck in the upper mall, cooling off with gelato from the Nutty Squirrel or lounging on the Quad listening to great music, Quadstock was a certified hit!

The night kicked off with Colene and Phoebe singing and playing guitar. Colene and Phoebe are both SU students and it was amazing to see their families and friends come out to support. Students got the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful voices while soaking up the amazing weather. Following them, was SU Battle of the Bands winner he Viretta Saints, who played some of their best songs, including the one which won them the votes to play at Quadstock. Shortly after, Abhi the Nomad opened. Abhi is an Indian artist who specializes in alternative indie, hip hop and rap. Lastly, the night closed with headliners, Misterwives, an indie pop band based in New York City.

On a personal note, being the Creative Director of Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC), it really meant a lot to see how many people came out to the event. We put in so much work and effort into Quadstock and to see it fan out the way it did was honestly unforgettable. There was a moment at the end of the night, when the music was super loud, the air still smelled of tacos and gelato, and everyone was dancing to the music. As I looked around, I saw people dancing with each other in different groups. You couldn’t really tell who had come to the concert with who, everyone was just dancing together. It was really special to see our campus community come together like that.  

Needless to say, Quadstock provided a truly memorable experience!