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What change has the university made to its policy on dogs on campus?

September 30, 2019

Dog on Leash

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The university has updated its campus dog leash policy. 

“While Seattle University has a long history of welcoming dogs on campus and will continue to do so, the university will now require all dogs on campus to be leashed,” the Department of Public Safety wrote in an announcement to the campus community on Sept. 30. 

“The university previously allowed owners to keep dogs under leash or voice control,” the announcement continued. “An increasing number of visitors have failed to follow that policy, however. This has resulted in aggressive dog behavior and has caused a number of recent health and safety issues.  

“For the safety and wellbeing of our campus community and all visitors, dogs are now required to be on leash and under control of their owners at all times while on campus. This policy is consistent with the City of Seattle’s leash laws.”