Albers, Nursing faculty publish in medical journal

January 18, 2019

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Two Albers School of Business and Economics have teamed with a colleague in the College of Nursing on a recent publication. Authored by Bridget Hiedemann, Erin Vernon and Bonnie Bowie, “Re-Examining Genetic Screening and Oral Contraceptives: A Patient-Centered Review,” has been published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine

Hiedemann is chair and professor of economics; Vernon is assistant professor of economics; and Bowie is associate professor of nursing and assistant dean for graduate education. 

In the abstract of their article, they write, in part: “The World Health Organization classifies combined hormonal contraception as an unacceptable health risk in the presence of a known thrombogenic mutation but advises against routine thrombophilia screening before initiating combined oral contraceptives (COCs) on the grounds of high screening costs and low prevalence. From the perspective of patient-centered care, we examine cost, prevalence, and other published arguments for and against thrombophilia screening before initiating COCs. 

“Our patient-centered review draws on relevant empirical evidence concerning the advantages and disadvantages of thrombophilia screening, while placing the discussion in the broader context of evolving attitudes toward genetic testing and a shifting policy landscape that provides many women direct access to COCs and/or thrombophilia screening.” 

The full article is available at Journal of Personalized Medicine.