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New Colleagues

September 24, 2018

Autumn along the upper mall

Image credit: Yosef Chaim Kalinko

The university welcomed more than 100 new faculty and staff for 2018-2019 academic year.

Seattle University welcomes the following faculty and staff for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Academic Achievement 

Valerie Fisher – Office and Budget Coordinator, Disability Services

Evonne Osorio – Media and Technology Access Coordinator, Disability Services 

Albers School of Business and Economics

Dennis Applegate – Lecturer, Accounting

Abigail Barr – Student Career Advisor/Recruitment Coordinator, Placement Center

Rita Bashaw – Graduate Program Advisor, Office of the Dean

Karo Solat – Lecturer, Economics

Benjamin Suriano – Lecturer, Management/Philosophy 

Arrupe House

Jan Sailus – Kitchen Supervisor 

College of Arts and Sciences

Shawn Bell – Administrative Assistant, English

Kari Berkas – Program Coordinator, Kinesiology

Angela Cabatbat – Coordinator, Nonprofit Leadership Graduate Program

Kristofer Carlson – Lecturer, Art and Art History

Tapoja Chaudhuri – Lecturer, Matteo Ricci Institute

Rashmi Chordiya – Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Service

Leann Conley-Holcom – Conductor in Residence, Choral/Vocal Program

Margaret Cristofalo – Lecturer, Master of Social Work Program

Victor Evans – Assistant Professor, Journalism

Bradley Freeman – Lecturer, English

Roxanne Hornbeck – Assistant Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Alexander Johnston – Assistant Professor, English

Joshua Johnston – Lecturer, Philosophy

Jaisy Joseph – Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

Trisha King-Stargel – Lecturer, Criminal Justice

Jacob Kysar – Instructor, Kinesiology

Heidi Liere – Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Jasmine Mahmoud – Assistant Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Anna McCain – Administrative Assistant, Social Work

John Nettles – Academic Advisor, Office of the Dean

Alfred Gene Perez – Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work

Haily Perkins – Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice

Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa – Assistant Professor, English

Sarah Shultz – Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Ruchika Tulshyan – Distinguished Professional in Residence, Communication

William Vesneski – Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work

Alfe Wood – Administrative Assistant, Theology and Religious Studies 


Elizabeth Bayliss – Assistant Coach, Women’s Rowing

William Boyer – Assistant Coach, Baseball

Delainey Gregory – Assistant Coach, Women’s Volleyball

Samuel Kirby – Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

Magdalena Kroemer – Assistant Coach, Men’s and Women’s Swimming

Michael Odland – Director of Operations, Men’s Basketball

Sarah Pfau – Director, Sports Medicine

Katherine Qualls – Assistant Director, Academics and Student-Athlete Support

Andrew Schultz – Athletic Trainer 

College of Education

Yunjung Ham – Senior Administrative Assistant, Off-Campus Continuing Professional Education

Daniel Kelley-Petersen – Instructor, Leadership and Professional Studies

Jason Parkin – Assistant Clinical Professor, K-12 Teaching, Learning and Social Justice 

Enrollment Management

Rhys Jones – Registration Representative, Office of the Registrar and Operations

Lauren Schmitt – Record Evaluator, Graduate Admissions

Shirley Siloi – Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions

Alan Schriver – Senior Admissions Evaluator, Undergraduate Admissions

Charlie Stone – Transfer Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions

Kevin Wells – Associate Registrar: Systems, Office of the Registrar and Operations 

Facilities Administration

Heather Cullen – Gardener, Building and Grounds Services 

Finance Administration

Anaka Ofstedal – Reprographic and Mailing Coordinator, Reprographic Services 

Housing, Health and Wellness

Logan Cochran – Fitness Coordinator, University Recreation

Walter Kasprzycki – Assistant Director, Redhawk Complex and Outside Facilities, University Recreation

Thomas Lail – Coordinator of UREC, Competitive Sports

McKenzie Lancaster – Area Coordinator, Housing and Residence Life

Daniel Ocampo – Director, Housing and Residence Life 

Information Technology Services

David Abney – Programmer Analyst, Application Services

Derek Baron – Customer Service Analyst, Application Services

Leio Heyenrath – Integration Programmer Analyst, Application Services

Jasper Kinnay – Customer Service Specialist, Application Services

Nicholas Porter – Business Intelligence Developer, Application Services

Mariana Sagalovsky – IT Project Manager, Application Services 

School of Law

Abigail Goldy – Associate Director, Access to Justice Institute

Leslie Meserole – Distinguished Practitioner in Residence

Kyle Mullins – Technology and Media Services Manager, Instructional Technology

Amanda Schemkes – Visiting Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills

Laura Spoor – Executive Coordinator, Office of the Dean

John Strait – Distinguished Practitioner in Residence 

Lemieux Library

Lydia Bello – Research Services Librarian and Liaison for Science and Engineering

Rochelle Lundy – Assistant Librarian 

School of New and Continuing Studies

Peter Amah – Instructor, Organizational Leadership

Christine Campbell – Admissions Counselor, Office of the Dean

Diana Fishel-Hall – Director of Marketing and Communications, Office of the Dean 

College of Nursing

Heather Depuydt – Assistant Clinical Professor

Sabrina Diffendaffer – Instructor

Zoe Haywood – Administrative Assistant, Academic Program

Jeanne Lowe – Assistant Professor

Amber McCarthy – Program Assistant, Academic Program

Anne Mesaros – Executive Coordinator, Office of the Dean

Megan Morrison – Assistant Professor

Karling Rutenbeck – Senior Clinical Placement Coordinator, Academic Program 

Office of the Provost

Trinity Covington – Placement Coordinator, Center for Community Engagement

LaKesha Kimbrough – Washington Middle School Success Coordinator, Center for Community Engagement

Shane P. Martin – Provost

Lauren Thurlow – Senior Administrative Assistant, Center for Community Engagement 

College of Science and Engineering

Laura Austin – Lecturer, Biology

Richard Bankhead – Instructor, Computer Science/Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mohsen Dadfarnia – Instructor, Mechanical Engineering

Eric Gilbertson – Instructor, Mechanical Engineering

Steven Hanks – Lecturer, Computer Science

Se-Yeun Lee – Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Michael McKee – Lecturer, Computer Science

Ann McNally – Instructor, Chemistry

Thomas Pool – Lecturer, Biology

Christopher Whidbey – Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Michael Wright – Instructor, Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Student Development

Megan Kush – Campus Minister for Pastoral Care, Campus Ministry 

Student Engagement

Lauren Albano – Assistant Director, International Student Center 

School of Theology and Ministry

Dzhennet Bird – Budget Manager, Office of the Dean

Nils Ringo – Couples and Family Therapy Academic Specialist, Academic Program