Ten faculty members take part in seminar on teaching social justice

July 20, 2017

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SU faculty members participated in the 15th annual Summer Faculty Seminar in Teaching Social Justice. Participants in the seminar, which took place June 22-July 7, were Rob Andolina (International Studies), Ajay Abraham (Marketing), Brenda Bourns (Biology), Arie Greenleaf (Counseling, College of Education), Audrey Hudgins (Matteo Ricci College), Rachel Luft (Sociology), Katherine Raichle (Psychology), Ebasa Sarka (Social Work) and Leighanne Thompson (Law School Library). John Topel, S.J. also attended several sessions.

Seminar coordinators were Jessica Imanaka (Albers) and David Leigh, S. J. (English).

Supported by the Endowed Mission Fund and the Core Curriculum, the seminar focused on theories of justice, Catholic Social Thought and the pedagogy of justice issues in the college classroom.