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Stellar Students

Written by Mike Thee

June 7, 2017

a student accepting an award at Red Night Out

Recipients of the 2017 student awards were announced at Red Night Out.

A very special group of students was recognized at Seattle University‚Äôs Red Night Out last month. Honored with awards at the end-of-the-year event were the following students. 

The Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen Award

Koji Clark (undergraduate)
Rose Ann E. Gutierrez (graduate)

Distinguished Graduating Students

Genevieve Aguilar
Anna Pickett
Lindsey Scheller
Tarra Simmons
Justin Totura

The Mission Award for Care

Desi Caswell

The Mission Award for Academic Excellence

Karyl Yamakawa

The Mission Award for Diversity

Nancy Mariano

The Mission Award for Faith

Amina Ibrahim

The Mission Award for Justice

Madeline Corbin

The Mission Award for Leadership

Kate Hannick

Spirit of Seattle U

Tom Hove
Cody Ireland
Gabe Narvaez

Peter Faber Integrity Award

Arthur Moss-Hawkins
Kayla Todd

Outstanding Organization

Muslim Student Association

Best Event

Embracing Blackness Photo Exhibit