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School of Theology and Ministry Selected as a Seminary That Changes the World

November 1, 2017

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Image credit: Yosef Chaim Kalinko

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The School of Theology and Ministry is among a select group of “Seminaries that Changes the World” for 2017–18, according to the Center for Faith and Service.

The School of Theology and Ministry is among a select group of “Seminaries that Changes the World” for 2017–18, The Center for Faith and Service has announced. Each year, CFS evaluates and selects a group of seminaries and divinity schools offering innovative courses, program and opportunities for students seeking to engage in social justice and service work while in seminary.

Recognition as a “Seminary that Changes the World” reflects the ongoing work the School of Theology and Ministryis doing to address the current needs and questions of today’s world. The school equips leaders with interdisciplinary knowledge, field-based professional skills and multiple spiritual frames of meaning that go beyond their own historical traditions, according to Dean Mark Markuly, PhD.

“The School of Theology and Ministry is honored to become a member once again of this small group of innovative schools throughout the nation,” Markuly says. “The recognition affirms our very intentional work and deep commitment to building a learning environment in which students can more deeply explore the religious heritage they inherit, while also learning how to encounter, dialogue and collaborate with other religious traditions in the shared goal of building a more just and humane world.”

The schools honored this year are helping to redefine what ministry looks like, according to Wayne Meisel, CFS executive director and founder of Seminaries that Change the World. “Alumni of these programs are involved in some of the most innovative and engaging work going on in our churches, communities and the world.” 

Seminaries that Change the World is published by The Center for Faith and Service, an organization that works to help seminaries, service programs, denominations and local congregations connect faith with service and social justice work. Selection criteria and methodology can be found here.

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