Student Development

Student Development

  • Greetings from the Vice President

    The Division of Student Development is committed to creating a vital and engaged campus community that challenges and supports undergraduate, graduate and professional students to learn and develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead and serve in an interdependent, global society.  Our approach is both holistic and inclusive. Holistic in that student growth and development is fostered intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. Inclusive in that all members of the campus community are encouraged to become actively engaged in the teaching and learning process.

    Our distinct Catholic/Jesuit mission affords us an opportunity to develop women and men of integrity, deeply committed to improving the quality of life for all persons, particularly those most disenfranchised in society. Working in partnership with other areas of the campus, Student Development provides programs, services and activities to assist students in developing the competencies, skills and values needed to lead and serve in a diverse and changing world. We seek to do this by fulfilling our strategic goals.

    Michele C. Murray, Ph.D.
    Vice President for Student Development

    Strategic Goals

    Creating a Vital & Engaged Campus Life at Seattle University

    In the Fiske Guide to College 2013 , Seattle University has been recognized as a premier institution in the Northwest for its exceptional commitment to a vital and engaged campus life. The Division of Student Development will create a vital and engaged campus life marked by five defining strategic goals. 

    • Create programs, services and activities that promote student involvement and leadership development.
    • Establish educational partnerships that integrate academic learning and student development
    • Co-create a campus culture, climate and environment that promote a comprehensive, holistic approach to student learning and "puts the good of all students first."
    • Help students to develop a coherent set of values (outlined in Seattle University Mission Statement) and ethical standards consistent with our Jesuit/Catholic Mission.
    • Utilize an ongoing systematic inquiry to enhance the quality of the student learning experience.

    Mission Statement

    Student Development engages the holistic, Jesuit educational experience of all students by cultivating the knowledge, skills and values needed to be leaders and global citizens in a diverse and changing world.