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    Luke Greenstaff1_pic, Director

    Luke earned his B.A. in English Literature from Indiana University and an M.A. in Psychology from Seattle University.  He has served for seven years in Seattle University's Office of Fellowships, first as the program coordinator and now as director. In this role, he assists SU students and alumni find and apply for academic scholarships and grants. Luke is an executive board member of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors and is chair of the NAFA International Study Tour committee. Luke's professional and academic interests center on interpersonal and group dynamics, the role of narrative in understanding, and the ways in which humanistic psychological theory can be applied in the context of developmental advising.
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    Faculty Representatives


    Serena Cosgrove, Fulbright CosgroveProgram

    Dr. Cosgrove is an anthropologist and sociologist whose research brings attention to the amazing achievements of women nonprofit leaders in the global south.  Her recent book, Leadership from the Margins: Women and Civil Society Organizations in Argentina, Chile, and El Salvador (Rutgers 2010), focuses on women's nonprofit leadership in Latin America.  She has started carrying out similar research in Zambia (2011) and Ghana (2012).  Dr. Cosgrove got a Fulbright fellowship to carry out her dissertation research in El Salvador in 1996-1997 and will be going back to Zambia this next year as a Fulbright Specialist. 

    John Carter, Math/Science/Engineering FellowshipsJohn Carter

    John is an Associate Professor of Mathematics. His teaching interests include Differential Equations, Calculus, and courses with significant applied mathematics content. Working with a team of outstanding undergraduates and colleagues from around the world, Dr. Carter studies how waves propagate in the deep ocean and how tsunamis evolve as they approach a coastline. This area of research is especially exciting right now due to the immense current interest generated by the recent tsunamis.
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    Mary Beth Falkner

    Mary Beth Falkner, Boren (NSEP) and Gilman Scholarships

    Mary Beth is an Education Abroad Specialist. She guides the discernment process for students seeking to identify SU, SU-Approved or Non-SU programs that best meet their goals, needs, and preparation. In concert with Faculty Directors and Liaisons, Mary Beth coordinates application and selection processes for SU programs. She organizes orientation and re-entry programming and serves as the primary point-person for students currently abroad. Previously Mary Beth served as the Study Abroad Coordinator and Interim Director of International Programs at Saint Martin's University. She studied abroad in Costa Rica and holds a B.A. in Global Studies and Spanish from Providence College.
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    Bridget Hiedemann, Truman Scholarship

    Bridget is an Associate Professor of Economics. She teaches a variety of statistics courses as well as economics of gender and the family. Her scholarly work focuses primarily on decision making within families. Recent work on families' provision of formal and informal care for the elderly is forthcoming in The International Economic Review. From 2005-2007, she served as the Patricia Wismer Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies. In this role, she organized an interdisciplinary conference entitled "Intersections of Race and Gender: (Re) Imagining the Family." In her free time, Dr. Hiedemann enjoys tennis and open water swimming.
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    Tanya Hayes, Udall Scholarship

    Dr. Hayes is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Institute of Public Service, Public Affairs. She teaches undergraduate courses in environmental studies, public affairs and Masters' courses in public administration. Her research examines the institutional and socioeconomic aspects of environmental change and sustainable ecosystem management. She has spent several years in Latin America living and working with peasant farmers and indigenous peoples on soil conservation and forest management. Currently, Dr. Hayes is assessing the impacts of incentive-based programs for forest conservation on private lands in the East Andes, Colombia.
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    Kate Koppelman, U.K. Fellowships

    Kate KoppelmanDr. Koppelman is an Associate Professor of English, Film Studies, Medieval Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. Her teaching and research explore moments of textual, cultural, and historical anxiety—moments of "unknowing" or uncertainty regarding individual, national, or religious identities. She is particularly interested in the culture of the Middle Ages for what it can teach us about our own efforts to negotiate between and among various external (and sometimes internal) expectations.
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    Katie Dabbs, Graduate Assistant                                                                                                   

    Katie earned her B.A in Cultural Anthropology from Western Washington University. Her undergraduate research interests included cross-cultural expressions of mental illness and the influences of media on popular culture. Katie is currently completing her Master of Education in Student Development Administration. Along with working in the Office of Fellowships, Katie interns with the International Student Center and Seattle University Athletics, researching best practices for these student populations. She is a travel enthusiast, sibling to seven, and a lifelong learner.
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