About the Strategic Planning Council

The Strategic Planning Council is carrying forward and building upon the strategic planning work that the Seattle University community engaged in from 2018 to 2019. Representing leaders and stakeholders from across all areas of the university, the council is guiding the implementation of SU’s Strategic Directions through a number of working groups. Read the Provost's Introduction of the Council.


Current Working Groups

The Strategic Directions have five goals that outline the future for Seattle University. Together, the goals call Seattle U to embrace a changing higher education landscape with purpose and intentionality, through an approach that is grounded in Jesuit values and traditions. The first goal, entitled Reimagine and Revise Our Curriculum, begins with a dual focus on Academic Calendar Review and Academic Program Portfolio Review. While each review is an essential and strategic initiative on its own, together these twin enabling projects will provide the groundwork for the reimagining that will transform the entire institution.

Additional Working Group Focus Areas

(Details coming soon)

  • Reimagine and Revise Curriculum
  • Student Experience, including co-curricular
  • Operational Assessment and Transformation
  • Cost Management

Strategic Planning Council Coordination


Upcoming Events

Associated Committees

Examples of Other Committee Work and Processes in Support of the Strategic Directions: (note – as the work of strategic implementation moves forward, the SPC will identify and work with existing groups and processes that are best situated to address particular parts of the strategic directions).