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Seattle U is implementing a new campus-wide system of Managed Printer Services (MPS). This means that when you click "print" on your document and send it to the SU Print Queue, you may go to any machine on campus, log in, and your document will be printed there. Check out our full FAQ for all your queries. 


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Why Can't I Print?


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost me to print/copy/scan?

  • MPS scanning is free.
  • For black and white printing and copying:
    • Users are charged $0.06 per side for page sizes of letter (8.5x11), legal (8.5x14), and smaller. 
    • Users are charged $0.12 per side for page sizes larger than legal, such as 11x17.
  • For color printing and copying:
    • Users are charged $0.1175 per side for page sizes of legal (8.5x14) and smaller.
    • Users are charged $0.235 per side for page sizes larger than legal, such as 11x17.
  • Every SU student is allotted $7.50 in free printing every quarter, equivalent to 125 black and white pages.
  • Faculty/staff and student workers can be added to an MPS Print Group, which authorizes them to use a University budget for their work-related printing.
  • Faculty, staff, and students can add their own money to their Campus Card if they need additional funds to print. Learn more about the money accounts on your card here.

Do my student print funds roll over each quarter?

Absolutely. If you do not use all of your free prints, they will roll over from quarter to quarter throughout the school year. Your free print allotment resets in Summer. Your free prints from the last school year will not roll over to the next one.

I'm a student worker. Shouldn't I use my SE account to print for work-related things?

No. Student Employee (SE) accounts are designed to be used only to access public email folders. SE accounts are not meant to act as your regular work-related email, for printing, or T-drive permissions. Using an SE account for work-related printing can interfere with printing because you cannot swipe your Campus Card to release print jobs linked to your SE account. Moreover, if an MPS device fails, we have installed backup devices that will print, but you cannot use an SE account to log into these, you must swipe your Campus Card.

May I use my copy card on MPS devices?

For copying, yes. For printing, no. Copy cards are shared swipe cards that allow the user to make copies at an MPS device. Your Copy Card will be effective for copying only, but will not allow you to release print jobs.

What kind of paper can I print to?

MPS devices hold many types of paper that you could print to. But by default all MPS devices are stocked with 30% recycled 8 1/2 x 11 paper. If you need specially sized paper, including legal size, or high quality paper types, you must purchase it separately.

What is the difference between letter, legal, tabloid, and ledger-sized paper?



How do I print envelopes/labels?

Please see the following support article to print envelopes and labels.

What are commonly used envelope sizes?

To learn more about paper and envelope sizes, click here.

What are the differences between Heavy Paper types?

"Heavy paper 1" is heavy paper up to 110 lbs. index (220 g/m2)

"Heavy paper 2" is heavy paper up to 140 lbs. index (256 g/m2)

"Heavy paper 3" is heavy paper up to 110 lbs. cover (300 g/m2)

Paper jam! What do I do? 

Please see the following support article for paper jams. 

What paper cannot be used?

  • Special media for an ink jet printer (fine paper, glossy paper, glossy film, etc.)
  • Carbon paper or thermal paper
  • Pasted paper
  • Paper with clips 
  • Paper with fold marks
  • Torn paper
  • Oil-feed transparency film 
  • Thin paper less than 15 lbs (55 g/m2)
  • Heavy paper as thick as 110 lbs. cover (300 g/m2) over
  • Irregularly shaped paper 
  • Stapled paper
  • Damp paper
  • Curled paper 
  • Paper whose print side or reverse side has been already printed on by another printer or multifunction device
  • Paper with a wave-like pattern due to moisture absorption 
  • Iron-on transfer paper
  • Japanese paper
  • Perforated paper 

How long does a print job stay in the queue?

A print job remains in the queue for 48 hours. This means once you hit "print" you can go to any MPS device in the next 48 hours and print your document.

How do I create/delete an MPS budget?

Please refer to the "Printing Permissions" section of the SU Managed Printing Guide. 

Can I get a refund if my document failed to print?

Yes, our MPS system automatically refunds any failed prints. To view your account balance, visit

Note: Please wait 15 minutes before checking your balance as it may take some time before the system adjusts the charges. 

I'm using a Mac, will I have trouble with MPS?

If you are using a University workstation with OS X 10.7 or above, don't worry yourself about a thing - they work just fine with MPS.

If you are using a University workstation with OS X 10.6, however, is outdated technology for our campus and is incompatible with MPS. But here's the great news, ITS will update your workstation to a newer version. Just contact the Help Desk at, and let us take it from there. To expedite your request, provide them with information like your name, workstation location, and computer name.

I'm using a Mac, and I received a "can't print" error. How do I fix this?

Your Mac likely needs a keychain password reset. Press the refresh button next to the stalled print job and authenticate in the login fields provided. If you've changed your SU password recently and your Mac is having trouble printing, reset your Mac keychain password with the help of this support article.

Can I print to campus from home using my University laptop?

Why yes you can! Use the web print (, and then you can log into any MPS device on campus in the next 48 hours to print your file. However, When you bring your University laptop back to the campus, you'll need to plug it into an ethernet cable and restart it, to ensure that it will work with the printers while on campus. After you've plugged it in and restarted it once, you may unplug the laptop and use it normally.

Can I physically move an MPS printer to a new spot in my office?

No. MPS device locations were reviewed and approved by Facilities, Reprographics, ITS, and Copiers Northwest. Building/fire code/ADA requirements prevent relocating printers. If that’s not enough to discourage you, the network ports used by MPS devices are configured specifically for MPS connectivity; changing the network connection will cause the printer to fail.

Relocating an MPS device requires a new round of Facilities review, so if you need to move an MPS device please first contact the Help Desk.

How do I request a printer move?

Please fill out a device relocation request for all printer moves. 

The MPS device cables look long enough, I think the printer has wheels, and I don’t feel like calling the Help Desk. Why can’t I just move this thing into the corridor?

Fire Code restricts such devices in exit corridors.

Can I trade my Sharp for an HP, or get an additional printer for our office?

No. Seattle University and Copiers NW have agreed on the number and location of MPS Sharp devices. Any change to this contractual agreement must be approved by Seattle University CIO, Chris Van Liew.

Will MPS pay for the modifications/new furniture if the printer is moved to a different location in the office?

No. MPS numbers and locations have been agreed upon by Seattle University and CopiersNW.

Can we put the open/public printer behind a locked door so some people can’t access it, and/or others have priority use?

No, because then it’s no longer a public MPS station!

I'm unable to see the PaperCut pop-up or SU Print-Queue.

Try restarting your workstation. If the issue persists, please contact the Help Desk

How do I request a new printer?

Please contact the Help Desk. They will then direct your request to MPS. 

Where are my student print funds?

Only registered and matriculated students receive print funds. Students can be at the graduate or undergraduate level. Non-matriculated students do not receive print funds. See more: Student Printing

Note: The Law School does not participate in MPS and law students do not receive funds nor access to MPS printers. Law students may use the resources available in Sullivan Hall. 

Print balances are allotted on the Friday before classes begin for FQ, WQ, SQ and RQ. If you have not received the funds, it may be because your registration was not completed before these dates. Please submit a Help Desk request to have your funds added.

It is also possible that you have spent your print allotment. To review your usage, please visit by clicking on the "Recent Print Jobs" menu option. You can also view when your print allotment was granted by clicking "Transaction History." In both cases, it may be necessary to remove the filter as it defaults to the past two weeks. Learn more at the Student Printing page. 

Nothing happened when I tried to release my prints at a Sharp multifunction device (copy machine).

If you saw your prints on the screen, selected "print" and your print job was lost, this was likely a spooling error. Please submit a Help Desk request to have the spooling error cleared from the original device. Note: You will not be charged for the prints but you will have to resubmit the jobs and release them at another printer.  

If you swiped your card and did not find any prints waiting for release, it may be that you did not complete the submission. Return to your computer and try again, making sure to select the proper print account from the "Print Job Notification" pop-up window. If the problem persists, please contact the Help Desk at or 206-296-5571. 

I am an alumna/alumnus and cannot print.

Unfortunately, students do not retain access to the university print system after graduation. However, prepaid guest printing cards are available for purchase at SUperCopy. Guest cards come pre-loaded with $5 and can be reloaded, though balances are non-refundable. 

I received an "insufficient funds" error.

The "insufficient funds" message occurs when one prints to a personal account which contains no funds. For example, a staff member may see this message if they accidentally select their personal account when they wanted to charge an activity. 

The print dialogue will automatically default to the personal account with each log in session and unfortunately this feature cannot be changed so it is necessary to get in the habit of double checking every time. During a log in session, the dialogue will remember the last choice but this will reset as soon as the user logs out of their workstation. 

When a personal account is selected, a shared account (like Admissions, for example) may be visible in the shared account selection box but it will be grayed out. It is not until one selects the shared account option that the drop down menu becomes available for selecting another account. 

Please take a look at step four of the following article to familiarize yourself with the options discussed: SU Managed Printing - SU Print Queue

I received an "invalid card number" error.

It is possible that your card issue number is out of sync with our system. The card issue number prevents a lost or stolen card from being used fraudulently. If you lost your card in the past and have since found it, you may be using the old card and will need to switch to your newest card. If you received a new card today, it will not allow you to print until tomorrow, when our systems and the card have synced.

It is also possible that your account has not synced to MPS if you are new to the university or there was a recent change to your status (e.g. gap in education or employment). If this is the case, please wait three days after receiving your ID number or registering for classes to give the system a chance to update. 

If you still receive this error, please contact the Help Desk at or 206-296-5571 or visit SUperCopy to have the card tested. 

Note: The Law School does not participate in MPS and law students do not receive funds nor access to MPS printers. Please use the resources available at Sullivan Hall.

How do I order supplies for the printer? 

Copiers Northwest provides 8 1/2 x 11", 30% recycled paper to all MPS printers at no charge to departments. All other paper types and sizes may be ordered with departmental budgets. Copiers Northwest also provides toner, staples and hardware service for all MPS printers at no charge to departments. To request supplies or service, contact the Help Desk