New Faculty Institute

New Faculty Institute

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  • We're delighted that you are joining Seattle University!

    These webpages are designed to help you with your orientation as a new faculty member, and are intended to complement your experiences in our New Faculty Institute (NFI). NFI is organized by a planning team made up of representatives from the colleges on behalf of the Provost. 

    NFI has six goals:

    1. To build community across campus through cross-disciplinary conversation.
    2. To explore the Jesuit Catholic mission of the university.
    3. To model effective teaching practices. 
    4. To discuss the art of balancing teaching, research/scholarship, and service.
    5. To gain an awareness of key legal implications of working in higher education.
    6. To explain University-level expectations around rank and tenure for tenure-track NFI participants (in a follow-up session). 
  • NFI 2014

    Follow-up sessions

    Rank and Tenure panel
    Fri, Oct 17 | 3:30-5:00 | Casey Commons
    Open to ALL tenure-track faculty at SU
    Panel will discuss *university-level* rank & tenure process

    Fri, Nov 7 | 12:00- 1:30 | Casey Commons
    Facilitated by Mission & Ministry



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