SU Partners with Wounded Warriors for Charity Game

By Stacy Howard
Photo Credit: Taylor De Laveaga


The national Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team went from the battlefield to the playing field last weekend, when they played Seattle University in a charity game. SU coaches, alumni, staff and supporters played well, but the win went to the WWAST.  The WWAST represents our nation’s most unwavering heroes and veterans who tour the country bringing their bravery and optimism.   

The WWAST is comprised of young, competitive, athletic veterans and active duty soldiers who have lost limbs post-9/11, while serving their country in combat. The WWAST includes veterans with a variety of amputations of the arm, above knee, below knee, bilateral below knee and foot.     

“It’s our honor to partner with such a courageous and inspirational group of guys who are still making a difference in the world, despite the obstacles they’ve encountered,” said SU Head Softball Coach Dan Powers. “They’re a great group of athletes.”    

The mission of the WWAST is to raise awareness, through exhibition and celebrity softball games, of the sacrifices and resilience of military personnel, and highlight their ability to rise above any challenge.     

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