• Choosing to become an English major at Seattle University means choosing to become an active and sophisticated reader – of texts, history, and culture. From such critical reading comes engaged, incisive, and graceful writing that is capable of contributing to both traditional and contemporary discourses – from poetics to politics.

    Our department offers one of the most popular and challenging majors on campus. Because our discipline lies at the heart of the University’s Core curriculum, every undergraduate student has taken or will take classes with our faculty. We are passionate about our teaching, scholarship, and creative endeavors and invite you to join our diverse learning community of readers and writers.

    In our department, you will come to understand literary, social, and cultural history, engaging questions of justice and value, history and aesthetics. English majors share and exchange their critical and creative ideas with others in hopes of becoming and remaining thoughtful and active citizens – of the university, nation, and world.

    Why pursue a degree in English?

    The English major has two concentrations from which you may choose: Literature and Creative Writing. Both tracks cultivate critical thinking and composition skills, close-reading and textual analysis, methodological awareness and theoretical sophistication, historical breadth, and social awareness.

    Whichever track you complete, the English major will prepare you not only for graduate study in literature, teaching, and creative writing, but also for careers in journalism, advertising and marketing, technical writing, government, law, and many other fields.