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  • The study of philosophy begins with questions that are as personal as they are universal: What truths can I know? How should I live? Who, or what, am I? Where is my place in the grand scheme of things? To respond fruitfully to such questions requires training in critical habits of mind, learning from the rich traditions and the great minds that have reflected on such questions and engaging in lively discussion with a community of inquirers.

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     Spring 2014 Quarterly Lecture

    Locating Shared Life in the 'Thou': Some Historical and Thematic Considerations

    James Risser 
    June 9, 4:00PM 
    Bannan 102

    In the phenomenological tradition that took root in the first part of the twentieth century, the issue of intersubjectivity first emerges in relation to the position of the subject, where it is thought to be constituted through analogical presentation. Understood as our basic sociality, the issue of intersubjectivity shifted away from the priority of the subject with the introduction of the idea of the "thou," as we see in the works of Buber, Lowith, and others. With this idea, the further issue of the precise character of the sharing constituting our basic sociality is raised for the first time.  This paper analyses the idea of shared life relative to both historical and thematic considerations through its central significance in the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer.



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