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  • Finding Community after Graduating

    AnalisaLike many recent grads I was initially turned off by the idea of getting involved with SU.  I felt like SU just wanted more money and to be honest once I completed graduation school was the last think I wanted to think about. Then a year after I graduated, I was asked to co-emcee the graduation brunch; I accepted and figured it would be a way to give back without giving money.  I had a blast!  I ran into some old professors and seeing all the graduates with their friends and family reminded me of what a great time I had at SU.  I met the Alumni Board President at the time, Anita Crawford-Willis and can credit her for reconnecting me with SU. I joined the Alumni Board of Governors shortly after and I am still a member.  The Graduation Brunch is still one of my favorite SU events… especially listening to Father Steve speak each year!  My fellow graduates and I attend basketball games, Advent Mass, most recently the downtown breakfast and so much more! I tell all the students and young alums I run into that you should stay connected.. even if you have no interest now you might in the future and you don't have to give money!  You can volunteer or just attend events… SU doesn't just want your money they want you to be a part of our alumni community!

    Analisa Castaneda, '05


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    Kaily Serralta

    Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2012
    Analisa, thank you for sharing how myself and peers can get involved after graduation! It's incredible to hear how young alumni remain in contact and connect with their alma mater! Thank you for continuing to be a part of Seattle U's growth!
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