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  • Geraldine Derig, '63: 50 Years Later - A Reflection

    In honor of the upcoming 50th reunion for the class of 1963, we are sharing a reflection from Gerri (Geraldine Derig) L. Jackson-Bell. Gerri is a '63 graduate and one of our first 50th reunion volunteers.

    Geraldine Derig

    Hi, SU Alumni Association members,

    I cannot believe this, but I very recently looked up and focused on the wall in my home office. There displayed, with a sketch of  SU’s Arts and Sciences building, is a degree – all in Latin – which essentially reads:

    Geraldine Lee Derig

    Bachelor of Commerce and Finance

    Magna cum Laude

    That diploma was signed on June 7, 1963 by Fathers Lemieux, Costello and Kelley.

    I haven’t used “Geraldine Lee,” nor my maiden name “Derig” for that matter, for many years. But I kept connected for a number of years as a member of the Alumni Board of Governors, even serving as secretary and vice president.

    Seeing our SU Magazine and Susan Vosper’s wonderful article in “Alumni Voice” brought me back to our dedicated Jesuit educators.

    I remember in our class of 1963, there were only two of us gals (Joan Berry and myself) who graduated Magna from the School of C&FI believe Joan became a CPA and I was in government administration, judicial court reporting and real estate brokerage for years, before retiring two years ago.

    Now I manage my husband, David Bell's, and my small residential apartment buildings. We have travelled to four continents and I do volunteer work, particularly as a Tribunal Advocate for the Archdiocese of Seattle through my Holy Rosary Parish in Edmonds.

    I look back so very fondly on my wonderful Seattle U years and I smile with not only loving appreciation of my Jesuit education, but also for the many values that were instilled in me during my four years at Seattle U.

    In closing, I wish to congratulate all of my fellow classmates on a very special remembrance from 50 years ago!  Thank you!

    Gerri L. Jackson-Bell

    Class of 1963!!

    If you would like to join Gerri and other dedicated alumni as a Class of 1963 50th Reunion  volunteer, contact the Office of Alumni Relations.  



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    Michael "Buzz" McQuaid "63

    Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
    Hi again Gerri,
    Good to see your smiling face again after all these years;
    You look great !!!!!!!!!!
    Your old pal,
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