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  • A Road Trip Down Memory Lane

    Last June, a group of three friends set out on a road trip down memory lane, reconnecting with classmates and their alma mater along the way. Jonathan Eastman,’72, Mike Collins,’72 and Dennis Lou,’72 affectionately called their trip from California to Seattle the “Old Farts Road Trip.” They made stops in California, Oregon and Washington, visiting with college friends on their way back to Seattle University.

    Road Trip Tour 2013

    At Seattle U, the group stopped by the alumni office and set off on a tour of campus. “We had some students give us a tour. They were great. It was nice to see everything new-the library and the fitness center-while seeing that it remained the same campus I remember.” John Eastman said. John spent four years working in the facilities department as a student. “I knew every inch of campus, so it was really something to return and to meet-up with old classmates and roommates.” John said that the group has remained close over the years, and are now at a point where it’s important to reconnect with old friends and take time out to go see them.

    After their campus tour, the group met for a larger reunion at Seattle U’s popular watering hole, the Chieftain. Though not the historic Chieftain that once served as Seattle U’s dining hall, the Irish pub across the street still pays homage to Seattle U’s past. Many of those who returned for this brief reunion had played sports during their time at SU and found old pictures of themselves lining the walls of the Chieftain.

    Road Trip Tour 2013 2

    “My time at SU is full of so many great memories. I remember walking on campus, visiting the library and sitting in Pigott Auditorium. The best part of the trip was being welcome backed with open arms.”

    John says that he’s returned to Seattle University once every twenty years since his graduation, but now that he’s retired and they’ve made this trip, it could become a yearly tradition.

     Are you planning a trip back to Seattle University? Tell us when-we’d love to tell your story and welcome you home.


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    Fred Schacht

    Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
    My old college roommate Roy Mathiesen and I did the same trip in 2003 from Bellingham-Seattle to Oregon and California and looked up old SU classmates and had a wornderful time... Many of us from the late 50's get together every few months at the Chieftain. We were the first group in Loyola Hall in 1955.. we call ourselves the SU Old Goats and in fact are meeting tomorrow August 15th... Wonderful group of guys/classmates.. I infact met my wife Margy Erickson (Butte, Mt) at SU and now married 54 years.

    Joan Duffy Watt

    Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
    Yet another great story that reinforces what I've known since, as associate dean for what was previously the University of Puget Sound School of Law, I was welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm to the Seattle University family back in 1994. Today, I am so proud that our law school carries the Seattle University moniker. As these alumni articulate so beautifully, there really is something very special about this place.
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