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    Are you looking to connect with the SU community in a meaningful and fulfilling way?  Our students and graduates need mentors with professional experience who can help them get started on their career paths.  You were once in their shoes. This is your chance to share the knowledge and insight they need to shape the world of tomorrow.  Join the Redhawk Network Mentor Program to connect with a mentee in ways that fit your schedule, whether you live near or far.

    As a Redhawk Network Mentor you can:
    •    Serve as a panelist on career-related forums
    •    Review résumés or volunteer for mock interviews
    •    Offer an informational interview or job shadow in your line of work
    •    Give advice about the role of graduate education in various fields of interest
    •    Be matched with a student in a structured, academic mentor program
    •    Become a content contributor to one of our career-related publications
    •    And more!

    Participate in the Redhawk Network Mentor Program and help students and graduates unlock their potential and translate their knowledge and skills into meaningful careers.

    Sign up here:

    Spring Job Shadow Hosts Needed in Health Professions
    37 SU freshmen and sophomores have expressed interest in shadowing a professional in a health-related career. Would you or someone you know be willing to share some time to help an aspiring student get a glimpse of a day in the life of a nurse, doctor, therapist, technician, administrator, or other health professional?  If so, please contact Monica Duke in Career Services via email or at 206-296-6177 for more information and to register.


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    Cliff Ghersen

    Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013
    My daughter, a current SU student, is looking for  a summer job or internship in the area of film making, production, set design, camerawork, or anything related to film or tv production.  She is creative, bright, talented, and a hard worker.
    Any alumni out there who might be able to help? The career center has so far come up empty....

    Corinne Pann

    Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
    Hi Cliff,
    I'm guessing your daughter has tried these things, but here are a couple ideas.
    * Make sure she has joined the Seattle University Career Services LinkedIn page.  She could post her job interests there in case anyone else there can help.
    * Talk to her favorite professors to see what connections they have.
    * Some departments of the School of Arts & Sciences had newsletters where they share internship and job opportunities.  She could check with her department to see if they have a newsletter that she isn't getting for some reason.
    * Put a post on the School of Arts and Sciences Facebook page.
    Are you an alumnus?  If so, you could join the Seattle University Alumni LinkedIn page and check out alumni who might be able to help.
    I wish your daughter good luck in her search!
    Corinne Pann
    Office of Alumni Relations
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