Writing Consultants

Photo of Aryon


Major: Political Science

Hi all! My name's Aryon, and I’m a sophomore from Portland majoring in Political Science. This is my first year as a writing consultant, and I'm super excited about it. In my off time you can probably find me re-binging a sitcom, playing ping-pong, or biking around UW. 

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Photo of Carolyn


Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Minors: Chemistry and Entrepreneurship

2nd-year consultant

Hey, I'm Carolyn! I am a third-year Cellular and Molecular Biology major with Chemistry and Entrepreneurship minors, but writing has always been a hobby of mine. When I'm not helping out in the Writing Center, you can find me outside hiking, reading, or watching Dirty Dancing. Come visit--I'd love to see what you're working on!

Photo of Frances


Major: English and Film Studies

1st-year consultant

Hi friends! My name is Frances and I'm so excited to be a writing consultant this year! I am a sophomore from Sacramento, CA studying English/Creative Writing and Film. One day I hope to be the youngest person to win an Oscar for Best Director or the editor of The New York Times; for now, I love watching Game of Thrones, seeing my favorite artists live, eating great food at restaurants, and hanging out with my friends. I am so excited to meet all of you and embark on the long but rewarding journeys of writing!

Photo of Gwen


Major: English

1st-year consultant

Hi! I'm Gwen. I admire the world, eat good food, and appreciate little things. I lived in Las Vegas and Hawaii before moving here, but Seattle has been my home for two years going on three. The energy here is ideal for fostering some great writing, and hopefully that same energy is experienced by you as well. What I like about writing is that it can take what is abstract and turn it into something tangible; I look forward to helping you get there!

Photo of Jessica


Major: English
Minor: Business Administration

1st-year consultant

Hi, I'm Jessica, a Junior English (Creative Writing Major) taking on a Business Administration Minor. I grew up in California on the floor and underneath trees with my nose stuck between the pages of a book and a pencil in my hand. I have two cats and constantly drum up adventure in my life by trying new things--whether it's a recipe, sewing buttonholes, a hiking trail, or some balance-altering dance move. I'm really looking forward to being a consultant, meeting more of SU's community, and reading all about what people are getting up to in their classes.

Photo of Jordan


Major: English
Minors: Psychology and Writing Studies

Hello! My name is Jordan and I'm a junior English Lit major minoring in psychology and writing studies. I'm very excited to be working my first year as a writing consultant. My ultimate goal is to support my peers in exploring their voice, creativity, and purpose as writers. You can expect me to be tracking down dog-owners on campus to say hi to their fluffy ones, watching paranormal investigation shows, writing for fun, and picking flowers in 90% of my free time. I look forward to working with you!

I also have a service dog who attends consultations with me, so if you don't feel comfortable around dogs or would prefer I don't bring my dog when I'm meeting with you, please call the front desk at 206-296-6239 before our appointment, and I'll make sure I don't have her with me when we meet! 

Photo of Mady


Majors: English and Spanish

1st-year consultant

Hi! My name is Mady; I'm a sophomore and first time consultant at the Writing Center. Although I'm originally from Los Angeles, I've spent the last 10 years of my life on a medium-sized rock in the Puget Sound called San Juan Island. I'm an English and Spanish double major (just to throw people off), a crazy cat lady in the making, a poetry lover, and an actual caffeine addict. I truly love writing and language, and I consider it an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to work and learn with all of you at SU!

Photo of Miranda


Major: Digital Design
Minor: Business Administration

1st-year consultant

Hi! My name is Miranda and I'm a Digital Design major with a Business Administration minor. I'm originally from Southern California, and while I love exploring Seattle, I often miss those sunny days. My hobbies include anything having to do with art, digital or otherwise, reading, writing, and lots of TV (talk to me about your fave sitcoms). I love dogs, Italian food, bad jokes, and having relaxed, fun times. Academic writing can be rough and I want to help take some of the stress off of you, so I'm very excited to work with you all!

Photo of Nick


Major: English - Creative Writing

Sophomore, 1st year consultant

Pronouns: he/him

Hey. My name is Nick and I am a sophomore. I'm originally from Franklin, Massachusetts (south of Boston). Aside from surviving the winter, my hobbies include things such as reading and writing, video games, baseball, and hanging out with animals. I love learning about new and obscure things. This will be my first year as a writing consultant and I am really excited to work with everyone. 

Photo of Olivia


Major: Spanish & English

Junior, 2nd year consultant

Hello! I am Olivia. I am a Spanish and English double major! I recently came back from my study abroad in Spain and feel very prepared to help others with their Spanish. I spend my free time on Netflix because I am trying to have the real college experience. This is my second year as a writing consultant and I am glad to be back.


Photo of Sarah


Major: Pre-major
Minor: Arabic

1st-year consultant

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am a sophomore at Seattle U and a first year writing consultant. I was born in Pheonix, Arizona but grew up in a small town in Minnesota, called Hastings.  I am currently a Pre-Major student, but I am considering majoring in History or Cultural Anthropology. I am also pursuing a minor in Arabic. In my free time I like to read, play soccer, run, and eat ice cream. As a reserved individual, I love how writing allows me to share my voice and ideas with others.

Photo of Sena


Major: English
Minor: Women's and Gender Studies

1st-year consultant

Hi there! My name is Sena. I'm currently a third year English major and Women's and Gender Studies minor from Tacoma, WA (shoutout to 253 folks). I'm also a coordinator for Orientation Programs and treasurer for First Nations club. Late at night you can catch me on the 5th floor of Lemieux cranking out a formal literary analysis with a Yerba Mate in hand. Come stop by if you wanna chat about true crime podcasts!