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Writing Consultants


Majors: International Studies and Spanish
Senior, 3rd year consultant

¡Buenas! My name is Amanda and I am a third year consultant from Santa Clara, CA. I am pursuing a double degree in International Studies and Spanish. (I offer consultations in both English and Spanish!). My passion is learning about the resistance of marginalized people and communities and aim to use my education in furthering justice for such communities. In my time at Seattle University and the Center, I have found that "University level" writing is not always accessible for the students our university serves. My goal is to help these students develop ideas and express themselves in multiple ways. My favorite sessions are more collaborative and both sides actively contribute to learning. I look forward to meeting you at the center!


Majors: Political Science and Spanish
Minor: Economics
Senior, 3rd year consultant

My name is Anya! I'm a senior Political science, spanish double major at Seattle U. This year will be my third year consulting at the Writing Center and I still can't believe time has flown this fast. I love talking about hockey, lame reality tv shows, and insane Harry Potter trivia. I enjoy traveling, singing whenever I can, and petting all the dogs I can. I've loved writing for as long as I can remember and I'm excited to work with the SU community again this year. Cheers to a great school year! 


Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Minors: Chemistry
Sophomore, 1st year consultant

Hello! My name is Carolyn and this will be my first year as a consultant. I grew up in beautiful Morrison, Colorado but I happily call Seattle my home now. I am a Cellular and Molecular Biology major with a Chemistry minor. In my free time you can find me watching Dirty Dancing for the millionth time, adventuring for anything sweet, or having spontaneous Abba dance parties. I am mildly obsessed with my dog. I'm so excited to meet and work with all of you!  


Major: English - Creative Writing
Minor: Women and Gender Studies
Senior, 1st year consultant

Hi! I'm Charlie. I love traveling, cooking spicy vegan food, and playing roller derby.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Writing Center because writing is one of the greatest, most liberative experiences we can have once we trust ourselves to use that voice. I'll be there to help get you there. 


Major: Psychology
Junior, 1st year consultant

Hi! My name is Emma Correia and I am a junior psychology major. I grew up in Southern California, but I quickly fell in love with Seattle and am so glad I get to call it home. Some of my favorite things are dogs, puns, sunsets and music. I have always had a passion for helping others and one of my goals is to serve in the Peace Corps. I am very excited to be a writing consultant, and I can't wait to help others improve their writing and meet lots of new people along the way! 


Majors: Psychology and English - Creative Writing
Sophomore, 1st year consultant

Hello! My name is Gabby and I am a sophomore. I am double majoring in Psychology and Creative Writing. I am no stranger to Netflix, but I also love to read and write. I am a night owl with a passion for the stars. My goal as a first year consultant is to ensure that every student's voice can be heard throughout their writing, regardless of the subject.


Majors: Strategic Communications and Spanish
Junior, 2nd year consultant

Hola! My name is Hailey and I'm currently pursuing a double major in Spanish and Communications. I recently studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico where through my language immersion I gained a completely new appreciation for the way we express ourselves. When I'm not in the Writing Center, I'm usually exploring Seattle or hanging out with friends around campus. My main passion is in film, so one day I hope to use what I've learned through both my majors to produce documentaries about varying topics involving Latin America. My main goal as a writing consultant is to make writing (especially academic writing) more accessible and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to working with y'all this year!


Major: History
Minors: Philosophy, English, and Political Science
Junior, 2nd year consultant

Hi there! My name is Hana, and I am a third year here at SU and a second year writing consultant. Though I am a History Major, I am also very fond of Philosophy, English, and Political Science, thus explaining my multitude of minors. I hope that these passions of mine will prepare me for a career in law. I love studying the past and the present closely to be involved in a comprehensive examination of the inner workings of the society we live in. Writing is integral to this process, and I love learning from students' perspectives and seeing the impact that their ideas and words can make. If I am not in the Writing Center, you can catch me listening to folk music and reading in the library, watching The Office, eating strawberry Molly Moon's from a waffle cone, or wandering the shelves of Elliot Bay. 


Major: English Literature
Minor: Writing Studies
Senior, 2nd year consultant

Hello everyone! My name is Jane and I am a senior English Literature major and Writing Studies minor. I am from right here in Seattle, Washington and currently live in Wedgwood. In my spare time, I love to draw, paint, and write creatively. I am passionate about studying rhetoric and composition and love passing my knowledge to others! My dream is to one day become a teacher or professor of writing, so I am excited to be entering my second year as a Writing Consultant. I am also the Study Hall Coordinator for the Writing Center, so you may see me around your residence hall working with students at study halls. I hope to see you all at the center this year and look forward to working with you! 


Major: International Studies
Senior, 1st year consultant

My name is Mai Khue and I'm a senior International Studies major. I'm very excited to be joining the Writing Center this upcoming year! I lived the first 14 years of my life in Saigon, Vietnam and remain quite in love with my homeland, but Seattle has definitely grown on me in the 7 years that I've been here. I hope to attend a graduate program in International Affairs or law school sometimes in the near future. My class and work schedule keeps me quite busy during the week, but in my free time I enjoy sketching, writing short stories, journaling (aka hobbies that fuel my obsession with stationary), crying over puppies and baby elephants, as well as the occasional adventure into sunlight for a few matches of tennis with my friends. I'm looking forward to working with the writers who come to the Writing Center!


Major: Sociology
Minor: Spanish
Junior, 1st year consultant

Hi y'all! My name is Olivia, but you can call me Liv for short. I'm a junior Sociology major with a Spanish minor. This will be my first year as a writing consultant! I'm from Denver, Colorado (and no I've never gone skiing or snowboarding!). I'm pretty much always in the Byte working on an essay or geeking out over sociology, so come say hi if you see me, because I love meeting new people! Outside of school, I love visiting my friends who work around Cap Hill, watching X-Files on Netflix, and exploring Seattle's many parks. I'm so excited to work with you all this coming year!


Major: International Studies
Senior, 1st year consultant

Hi, this is Lucky, a junior student currently studying in international studies. My background is pretty international too. I come from Beijing, China. As an international student studying in the U.S., I indeed had a lot of fun and learned something from a different angle. Besides studying, I do photography, cooking and watch movies in my spare time. I also like reading story and writing story. Being a consultant in Writing Center is one of the biggest surprise for me in SU. I choose to be a consultant here because I want to contribute my skills to SU community and want to improve myself while consulting others. Hope this incoming yearly working experience can be my harvest in SU, and my work in writing center can benefit SU students. 


Major: Economics
Minor: International Business
Senior, 3rd year consultant

My name is Maddi and I am a proud Colorado native. I came to Seattle U because I loved the Jesuit mission and I wanted to go to a school that would challenge me intellectually and spiritually. I am an International Business and Economics double major, and I am minoring in French. I love traveling, and my most recent adventure was interning at St. Ignatius College in Lusaka, Zambia though the SU International Development Internship Program. I love having interesting conversations and getting to know my residents as a Resident Assistant at SU. I enjoy working at the Writing Center, because I get to meet an incredible variety of SU students and read about countless interesting topics. My mission as a consultant is to help every client leave with a little more confidence in their ability to write effectively and passionately on any subject.


Majors: English-Literature and Philosophy
Minors: Medieval Studies and Writing Studies
Senior, 2nd year consultant

Hey all, my name is Melissa and I'm *finally* a senior! I'm studying English Lit and Philosophy with minors in Writing Studies and Medieval Studies. I am super stoked to be spending a second year as part of the Writing Center Team, and I'm excited to work with you all! Over the summer I went on a couple of sweet backpacking trips and caught a bunch of fish -but since college usually requires a little bit more time and doesn't really allow me to just high-tail it out to ~the wilderness~ I make due by swinging/sleeping in my hammock around campus often. So if you see a bunch of teal between two trees, come say 'Hi'! 


Majors: Business and Law
Junior, 2nd year consultant

Hi, my name is Michaela and I am a Business & Law major. I am a native of Seattle and a second year writing consultant. I am very excited to continue working with everyone! As a Business and Law major, I love to argue and writing arguments, but to be honest history is my real passion. Come to me with anything involving the medieval and renaissance period you will make my day. I also love traveling, especially to Europe, so please tell me about any exciting trips you have planned. I may be covered in dog hair at any given time. My yellow lab somehow still gets my clothes covered in college. I’m looking forward to an exciting new year and lots of new amazing people. 


Major: English - Creative Writing
Sophomore, 1st year consultant

Hey. My name is Nick and I am a sophomore. I'm originally from Franklin, Massachusetts (south of Boston). Aside from surviving the winter, my hobbies include things such as reading and writing, video games, baseball, and hanging out with animals. I love learning about new and obscure things. This will be my first year as a writing consultant and I am really excited to work with everyone. 


Major: Pre-Major
Minor: Spanish
Sophomore, 1st year consultant

Hello! I am Olivia. I am a Premajor here are Seattle U, I am trying to explore all of my options.I spend my free time on Netflix because I am trying to have the real college experience. This is my first year as a writing consultant so wish me luck and bare with me!


Majors: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Junior, 2nd year consultant

Hi everyone! My name’s Paige and I’m a junior and a second-year Writing Center consultant. I’m a  Criminal Justice -Forensic Psychology specialization and Psychology dual-degree (phew—that’s a mouthful) from the sunny and blisteringly hot Chico, CA. My activities when I'm not at practice (Go SU Women’s Swimming!) include napping, snacking, reading as much as I can, and binge watching crime shows on Netflix. I love cats, tea, and curling up with a good book on rainy Seattle days. I can't wait to see you in the Writing Center this year! 


Master's in Psychology
Graduate, 1st year consultant

I am a graduate student in the Masters of Psychology program at Seattle University. I am particularly enthusiastic about clinical & counselling psychology, as well as the philosophy of psychology. Outside my academic interests, I enjoy watching films, as well as listening to and playing music. I try to go out and watch live music as much as possible. I am a Canadian international student. I have come to Seattle from Mississauga (Ontario), which is just outside the city of Toronto.


Major: Nursing
Senior, 3rd year consultant

My name is Taylor, and I am from the small town of Oak Park, California. I am a junior nursing student and this is my third year as a Writing Center Consultant. I am super excited to return to the Writing Center this year and help students improve on their writing skills, communication, and development of their inner voice. I'm an early riser, probably because the smell of my morning coffee is more favorable than the extra sleep to me! But I'm also a night owl and when I'm not studying or working, I'm with friends or endlessly watching Gilmore Girls and Disney movies. I am very excited for this year and look forward to working with all SU students!

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