Writing Consultants

Photo of Amanda


Major: English Literature

1st Year Consultant

My name is Amanda. I am a senior English Literature major completing Departmental Honors in the spring. I was born in LA, but I grew up most of childhood in Boise before we moved to Seattle in my teen years. I work as an RA in Chardin, and in my free time I’m probably writing, listening to podcasts, or exploring the city. I also love to travel, and I lived in Berlin for a two years, so hit me up with your best Deutsch!

Photo of Caroline


Major: Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies with Specialization in K-8 Education

1st-year consultant

Hi, I’m Caroline, and I’m a second year at Seattle University. I’m an IDLS major with a specialization in K-8 Education, and one day I plan to become a teacher! But for now, my favorite pastimes include watching movies, writing poetry, and getting ice cream with my friends. Some other things I love are going to the beach (I’m from Southern California), cooking, and learning French. This is my first year as a consultant at the Writing center, and I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you become a successful writer!

Photo of Carolyn


Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Minors: Chemistry and Entrepreneurship

3rd-year consultant

Hey! I'm Carolyn and I am a third year writing consultant from Morrison, Colorado. When I'm not helping out in the Writing Center, you can find me outside hiking, reading, or watching Dirty Dancing (for the thousandth time). Additionally, I can be found around campus serving as Treasurer for the Women's Volleyball Club and President of the Biology Club. Come visit--I'd love to chat and see what you're working on!

Photo of Celeste


Majors: English/creative writing
Minor: Writing Studies

1st-year consultant

My name is Celeste Salopek and I am a senior at Seattle U! I am from New Mexico and I enjoy swimming, yoga. and hiking. My favorite book is The Mists of Avalon, which everyone should read if they like fairies, goblins, and royalty.

Photo of Elizabeth


Major: English Literature
Minors: Writing Studies

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am a second-year Writing Consultant. I'm a senior majoring in English Lit with a minor in Writing Studies. I also have passions for psychology, biology, novel-writing, historical narrative, and disability studies, which I actively engage with and research in and outside of Seattle U. My personal goal in writing is to dive into the interests that I already have using the written word as a creative vehicle. As a Writing Consultant, I hope to support my clients as they constantly rediscover and exercise their own stakes, voices, and purposes in writing. When I'm not at the writing center, you can often find me in Elliot Bay taking note of all the books I want to buy if I ever get rich and famous, downloading free paranormal investigation apps of questionable legitimacy on my phone, or studying at Lost Lake with coffee and French toast at odd hours. If you need or have any recommendations for true crime/paranormal podcasts, I'm your favorite Pisces. Please note that I bring my service dog to work with me at the writing center. If you are uncomfortable with dogs, please call the front desk and let them know ahead of time so that I know not to bring her to our appointment. Thanks!


Photo of Frances


Major: Journalism and Film Studies

2nd-year consultant

Hi friends! My name is Frances and I'm a second-year writing consultant! I am a junior from Sacramento, CA studying Journalism and Film Studies. One day I hope to be the youngest person to win an Oscar for Best Director or the editor of The New York Times; for now, I love watching Game of Thrones, seeing my favorite artists live, eating great food at restaurants, and hanging out with my friends. I am so excited to meet all of you and embark on the long but rewarding journeys of writing!

Photo of Grace



1st-Year Consultant

Hi! My name is Grace, and I am a second year in the Pre-major program! I am hoping to declare English in the near future, and I am in the process of discovering a possible double major! I am in the honors program here at Seattle U as well as choir! I am a first year in the writing center, and I am so excited to be here! I am also a professional Netflix binger, and you will more than likely see me with a coffee in my hand as it is my immediate life source. Come in and talk to me about your favorite books, movies and tv shows!


Photo of Gwen


Major: English Creative Writing
Minor: Film Studies

2nd-year consultant

Hi, my name is Gwen! I am an English Creative Writing major with a minor in Film Studies. You can find me writing poems in a park, falling asleep to a movie, or petting a cat somewhere. This is my second year of being a consultant, and the insight I’ve gained from working with other writers has greatly benefited my own work as well. I look forward to learning from you!


Photo of Kayla


Major: English Lit
Minor: Writing Studies

1st-year consultant

Welcome to the Writing Center! My name is Kayla and I'm from Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i. I'm currently a senior wrapping up my English major and Writing Studies minor. On my free time I love to draw, paint, and patiently wait for season 8 of Game of Thrones to air. I'm also a legal assistant at Bell Flegenheimer, a law firm that specializes in family law and criminal law. If you too are stressed about applying to law school I feel it and am here for you!!


Photo of Mady


Majors: English and Spanish

1st-year consultant

Hi! My name is Mady; I'm a sophomore and first time consultant at the Writing Center. Although I'm originally from Los Angeles, I've spent the last 10 years of my life on a medium-sized rock in the Puget Sound called San Juan Island. I'm an English and Spanish double major (just to throw people off), a crazy cat lady in the making, a poetry lover, and an actual caffeine addict. I truly love writing and language, and I consider it an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to work and learn with all of you at SU!

Photo of Michael


Major: English Literature
Minor: Writing Syudies

1st-Year Consultant

Hi all! My name is Michael, and I'm a second year English major from Denver, Colorado. This will be my first year as a writing consultant, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with everyone! When I'm not at the Writing Center, I'm using hunkered down on the third floor of Lemieux, walking around cap hill with friends, or getting lost in a nearby bookstore. Whether you enjoy writing or not, it is my hope that we can work together to create a piece of writing that you can be proud of. I look forward to seeing what you're working on!


Photo of Miranda


Major: Digital Design
Minor: Business Administration

2nd-year consultant

Hi! My name is Miranda and I am a senior here at SU. I am from Southern California and have two guinea pigs named Honey and Blueberry that travel with me from there to here. I like going to see movies with my friends, learning about sharks, and making art. My strong suit in a consultation is working with students to brainstorm how to get started on a piece of writing. This will be my second year as a writing consultant and I look forward to meeting and working with you all!


Photo of Nick


Major: English/Creative Writing
Minor: Writing Studies

3rd-year consultant

Hello Everyone!. My name is Nick, and I am a Senior. I'm originally from the East Coast (just outside of Boston, MA). Aside from surviving the winter, my hobbies include things such as reading and writing, video games, baseball, and hanging out with animals. I love learning about new and obscure things. This will be my third year as a writing consultant, and I am really excited to continue working with everyone.


Photo of Olivia G

Olivia G

Major: Social Work & Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Hi! My name is Olivia but feel free to call me Olly - it’s a little easier to remember! I was born in Sydney, Australia but raised in Seattle. I’m a second year Social Work & IDLS double-major and also work as a Resident Assistant over in Bellarmine Hall. In my free time, you can catch me happily eating vegan ice cream & working on publishing new content for my website, The Olly Project! I’m a serious sunshine lover but nothing can beat the cozy drizzle of the PNW. Please wave and say hi if we bump into each other on campus!


Photo of Olivia R

Olivia R

Majors: Spanish & English

3nd-year consultant

Hello! I am Olivia. I am a Spanish and English double major from Los Angeles, CA. This is my third year at the Center; therefore, I spend a lot of time trying to better it. But in my free time, you can find me listening to war podcast or watching The Food Network. I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people this year and helping out some old ones.




Photo of Rachel


Major: Premajor
Minor: Writing Studies

1st-Year Consultant

Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm a Premajor student with a Writing Studies minor. I am originally from Puyallup, Washington, about five minutes from the state fairgrounds. Some of my hobbies include running, working out, and playing pretty much any sport! You can usually catch me at the SeattleU gym/fitness center, at the track, or in my room binge-watching Friends. I love to write and help others express their ideas and thoughts through words, and I am very excited to be working with you all! 

Photo of Sarah D

Sarah D

Major: English Literature
Minor: Mathematics

1st-Year Consultant

Hello all! My name is Sarah and I am currently studying English and Math here at SU. In my free time, you can find me running back and forth between the English and Math departments. As a writer, one of my greatest challenges has been getting started when the writing task seems insurmountable, but having someone along for the formative process helps me greatly. Feel free to schedule a meeting at the Writing Center or relieve me from one of my mad dashes across campus and I'd love to help you with whatever stage of the process you're stuck on.

Photo of Sarah H

Sarah H

Major: History
Minor: Arabic

1st-year consultant

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am currently studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco but will be back for Winter and Spring Quarters. I am a third year History major and Arabic Minor from a small town called Hastings, Minnesota. When I'm not in class or at the WC, I play on the women's club soccer team. For fun I also love to read, run, go to concerts, and eat chocolate ice cream. A couple of my favorite books are A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James and And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. Hope to see you around the center!


Photo of Sena


Major: English
Minor: Women's and Gender Studies

1st-year consultant

Hi there! My name is Sena. I'm currently a third year English major and Women's and Gender Studies minor from Tacoma, WA (shoutout to 253 folks). I'm also a coordinator for Orientation Programs and treasurer for First Nations club. Late at night you can catch me on the 5th floor of Lemieux cranking out a formal literary analysis with a Yerba Mate in hand. Come stop by if you wanna chat about true crime podcasts!

Photo of Tara


Major: English
Minor: International Studies

1st-Year Consultant

Hi friends! My name is Tara and I am a fourth year English major with an International Studies minor. I am originally from Ventura, California and I also work as a Student Assistant Athletic Trainer here on campus! In my free time you can usually find me somewhere near the ocean with my dog and a good book in hand or cozy in my apartment watching reruns of Parks and Rec or Brooklyn Nine Nine. Stop by if you have any good book recommendations, or if you just want to chat!