Office Assistants

Photo of Kendell


Major: Business Economics

Senior, 4th year OA, Lead OA

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hey there, I'm Kendell! I’m a senior at SU and this is my fourth year working as an Office Assistant at the Writing Center. I’m originally from Thousand Oaks, California but I love the Seattle area. My interests include photography, listening to music, hiking, eating, hanging out with friends, and above all else petting dogs. If you see me at the desk, feel free to stop by to ask questions or just to chat!


Photo of Allison


Major: Accounting

Senior, 2nd year OA

Hi, I'm a senior in the accounting program and have been working at the writing center as an office assistant for 1 year. I am from Sammamish, WA and love being outdoors as much as possible. I can usually be found around campus at Pigott.


Photo of Kialani


Major: Communication and Media

Senior, 2nd year OA

Hi, I'm Kialani! I'm a fourth year Communication and Media major from Everett, Wa (about 20 miles North of SU). When I'm not focusing on my studies I like dancing, playing volleyball, and grabbing food with my friends. I love a good pun so if you see me, feel free to drop your best puns!