Photo of Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith

PhD, English

Assistant Director, Writing Center
Instructor, English

Phone: 206-296-5309

Building/Room: LEML 253

My research focuses on twentieth century multi-ethnic literatures of the United States with a specific interest in literatures that take up “the street” and urban space. I have taught a number of composition courses at a variety of institutions and am interested in theories of writing and writing pedagogy as well. I am also a founding member of Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship, an online journal that publishes undergraduate work from around the world.

Photo of Ali


Major: Psychology, BA and Sociology, BS

3rd-Year Consultant

Hi team! I'm Ali Shaw and I can't wait to work with you this year! I'm currently finishing up my last year of undergrad, majoring in Psychology and Sociology with hopes to continue social science research and community-facing advocacy post-grad. When I'm not working, you can find me working in a coffee shop near campus, tending to my 50+ houseplants (not exaggerating!), or exploring a new hiking trail outside of the city! After much too long away from the Writing Center and campus, I am over the moon to be back in person for my last year at SU. Hope to meet you soon!

Photo of Bek


Major: History

1st-Year Consultant

Hello! My name is Bek and I’m a transfer student and senior this year. This is my first year working at the Seattle University Writing Center, but I have two years experience as a writing consultant from my previous community college. My major is History and I’m hoping to get my Masters In Teaching in the near future as well. I love storytelling, fantasy, and, of course, history— all of which involve some component of writing. I really look forward to working as a consultant again and can’t wait to meet lots of new people!

Photo of Chloe


Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology

3rd-Year OA

Hi, I’m Chloe! I’ll be a fourth year at SU this year, studying psych and criminal justice! I’m originally from Boulder, Colorado. I love to read and watch tv, and I can’t wait to meet y’all this year! 


Photo of Eleanor


Major: Creative Writing

2nd-Year Consultant

Hi! I'm Eleanor and I'm a third year creative writing major from Portland, OR. This is my second year as a writing consultant and I'm excited to work with you to support all of your writing needs. I like watching movies, going for hikes, and meeting all of the cute dogs at the dog park. I'm always listening to music and would love to hear any song or band recommendations you have! 

Photo of Fin


Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Minor: International Studies

2nd-Year Consultant

Hello, my name is Fin, and I'm a junior majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. I'm from Portland, Oregon, and I am an avid enthusiast of coffee, video games, nature, and writing. I look forward to working with all of you, and hope to see you soon!

Photo of Hidy Basta

Hidy Basta

Ph. D. Language and Rhetoric, University of Washington 2010
MATESOL, University of Washington, 2001

Languages: English, Arabic

Phone: 206-296-6453

I have a Ph.D. in Language and Rhetoric and an M.A.T. in  English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Washington. My research and teaching interests include critical discourse analysis, interdisciplinary writing, genre theory, language ideology and identity, bilingualism, and narrative analysis. I have taught several classes in service learning and the Interdisciplinary Writing Program at the University of Washington and at Antioch University.  Over the past few years, I directed the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Academic Support Lab at Antioch University Seattle.  My current research focuses on exploring the role of feedback on students’ writing and the role of peer consultations in facilitating creativity and risk-taking in academic writing. I enjoy good conversations and good food, hikes, camping under the stars, adventures with my family, and to varying degrees of helplessness: gardening and video games.

Photo of Izzy


Major: International Studies, Political Science

1st-Year OA

Hi there! I'm Izzy and I'm a fourth year international studies and political science student. I grew up in San Diego, California, but have come to love the rain in Seattle. When I'm not at the Writing Center, you might find me right next door working as an Office Assistant at Learning Assistance Programs. In my free time I love to bake and would love to see your creations! I'm looking forward to assisting you in any way I can.

Photo of James


Major: English
Minor: Spanish

2nd-Year Consultant
Languages: English, Tagalog, Spanish

Hi Friends! My name is James and I am a third year English major and Spanish minor. When I am not working, you can catch me reading or writing poetry around campus, exploring Seattle, and binge watching Marvel films with friends. Growing up, I've always enjoyed writing, and my passion for writing is constantly growing. I hope to share this passion with you this year. Please know that I am always here as a friend and resource. I am so excited to be back and I look forward to working with you all soon. Happy Writing!

Photo of Jin


Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

2nd-Year Graduate Consultant

Hi everyone! My name is Jin and I am a second year Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student. I have a lot of experience writing academic papers and scientific writing in general. I recently got my research paper published which is definitely the highlight of my writing career. Outside of working and studying I enjoy playing video games, hiking, and spending time with my dog. I am excited to be able to help you all in your writing needs!

Photo of Kimberly


Major: Theatre
Minor: Psychology, Ethics

3rd-Year Consultant

Kimberly Le (she/they) is a fourth year Theatre major with a Psychology and Ethics double minor  who has enjoyed every bit of her time working at the Writing Center! After three beautiful years, they can honestly say that her most treasured memories are working on the Writing Center's podcast, "Hoo's at the Writing Center", especially given that this year she has the opportunity to work with a new cohort of aspiring podcasters (check us out!). They look forward to being a friendly face and moral support for writers everywhere!

Photo of Kimmie


Program: Law

1st-Year Graduate Consultant

Hi everyone! I’m Kimmie, and I’m a third-year law student and Law Review Associate Editor. As a student, I’ve mostly explored threshold concepts of personhood and legal narrative. I am currently researching how disabled bodies are policed and confined through legal structure. Post-law school, I plan to pursue an English Ph.D. with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition. I am interested in researching how power maps onto identity construction and constitution through localized language practices. In my spare time, I judge competitive gymnastics, hang out with my cat and partner, and watch indie movies to analyze subversion within the liminal space. As a writer, I love structuring and synthesizing seemingly disparate concepts to understand their interrelationship between each other and their larger implications. I am best at compassionate revisions and persevering through the writing process. I love writing because it can be a transformative tool for justice and self-expression. Through new perspectives and thoughtful feedback, I find I generate new writing ideas and understand where to further clarify other ones. As a Grad Writing Consultant, I would be honored to work with you to provide that same collaborative support. (Access image description: Photo of me, an Asian American woman, smiling at the camera. I’m wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt with indiscernible cursive printed on it and have black sunglasses on top of my head, pushing back my highlighted dark brown hair. My right arm is petting a plump, black tuxedo cat. Children’s books and games are scattered behind the cat.)

Photo of Lily


Major: Strategic Communications
Minor: Studio Art

3rd-Year OA

Hi! My name is Lily and I'm a senior majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Studio Art. I'm originally from Portland, OR but Seattle feels like home! When I'm not at the WC, I'm either at home painting and bothering my cat or I'm outside skateboarding and enjoying local parks. Stop by and say hi!

Photo of Maddy


Major: Criminal Justice, Psychology

2nd-Year Consultant

Hi! My name is Maddy and I am a second-year writing consultant. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and I am currently majoring in both Psychology and Criminal Justice. I love hanging out with friends and exploring the city! When I have extra time on my hands you can find me at a local coffee shop, trying new recipes, or hiking . Stop by and let’s chat!

Photo of Mickey Rayment

Mickey Rayment

Coordinator, Learning Commons Partnership

Phone: 206-398-4442

Building/Room: LEML 262

Photo of Rachel


Major: Computer Science (math specialization)
Minor: Writing Studies

4th-Year Consultant
3rd-Year OA
Languages: English, American Sign Language

Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm originally from Puyallup, Washington, about five minutes from the state fairgrounds. If I'm not at the Writing Center, I'm working out, reading, playing video games, or doing homework. I love to help others express themselves through words, and I'm very excited to be working with you!

Photo of Sabrina


Major: Humanities for Teaching and English

3rd-Year Consultant

Hi! I'm Sabrina, and I'm a 4th year Humanities for Teaching and English double major from the San Francisco Bay Area. I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I'm a 3rd year Writing Consultant. My hobbies are baking, listening to music, and reading! When I'm not studying, I like to spend time with friends or watch Netflix or Disney+. I can't wait to meet you and help you tackle your paper!

Photo of Salem


Major: Finance
Minor: Writing Studies, Economics

3rd-Year Consultant
Languages: English, Arabic

Hi! My name is Salem, and this is my third year working at the Writing Center. I'm a senior this year, majoring in Finance with minors in Economics & Writing Studies. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and reading books. I have a particular interest in detective fiction; Agatha Christie is my all-time favorite writer, and Hercule Poirot is my favorite hero. I'm also fluent in both English and Arabic, and I'll be more than happy to work with you on your writing in whichever of the two you prefer. I'm excited to work for yet another year as a writing consultant, and I'm looking forward to working with you and learning from you all this year!

Photo of Sarah


Major: Math

3rd-Year Consultant

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I’m a 3rd-year writing consultant. I’m a fourth-year math major, but I can help you with any writing you need! I’m originally from San Clemente, California, and you can typically find me around campus reading or doing homework. Make an appointment with me!

Photo of Xav


Major: English Literature
Minor: Philosophy, Psychology

2nd-Year Consultant

Hello! My name is Xav, and I am a fourth-year English major here at SU. I am excited to return as a second-year writing consultant during my last quarter of college this fall! Some of my interests outside of school include baking, fitness, poetry, and table tennis. I look forward to working with and learning from you all! 

Photo of Yuhwa


Program: J.D.

1st-Year Graduate Consultant & OA
Languages: English, Korean

Hello, my name is Yuhwa Kong, and I'm a third-year law student at Seattle University School of Law. I'm originally from Korea, but have been living in Seattle since 2013. I graduated from the University of Washington majoring in Communications. I look forward to working with you all!