Writing Lab

Welcome to the Writing Lab!

If you don’t have an appointment at the Writing Center, but you want to work on your writing while you wait for an opening, you can use the Writing Lab! The Writing Lab is open during all Writing Center open hours. To use the Writing Lab, sign in at the front desk. You can then choose what you’d like to do:


If you’d like to wait to see if someone else cancels or doesn’t show up to an appointment, you can sign in and wait at the front or in an open cubicle to see if a consultant can meet with you for a consultation.


If you’d like to work on writing and meet with consultants for a few minutes at a time or as you come up with questions, you can sign in to the write-in space and work on your assignments. When they’re available, consultants will come through to see if you have any questions or want to talk about your writing for a few minutes.

Use Resources

The Writing Center hosts a wonderful library of writing resources, and if you’d like to sit in the Center and look through these resources, sign in to use resources, and then you can head to the back of the Center where we keep our resource library. We ask that you sign any books you’re looking through out in the Book Borrowing Binder and keep our resources in Writing Center space—so once you’re signed in, you can sit in a cubicle or at the corner table to look through resources.