Who uses the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is open to any Seattle University writer at any stage in the writing process.
We also encourage faculty to bring in their classes for orientations and small-group consultations.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is a free, one-to-one, 60-minute conversation with a peer consultant who responds to writers and their writing at any stage in the writing process, whether writers are decoding prompts or establishing goals, brainstorming or outlining, drafting or revising, proofreading or polishing.

What happens in a consultation?

After checking in with a receptionist, the writer and a consultant will walk to a cubicle. There, the writer will discuss the requirements of the assignment, collaborate with the consultant on an agenda related to the writer and the writing, and plan the next steps that will aid the writer in revising the writing outside the Center.

Who are the consultants?

Consultants are skilled writers who are well versed in the stages and strategies of the writing process and who are excited to meet new writers and encounter new ideas. They have diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including Biology, English, Anthropology, Sport & Exercise Science, Chemistry, International Studies, Women’s Studies, Journalism, Humanities for Teaching, Liberal Studies, Film Studies, and so forth.

To best use the Writing Center services, students should consider developing an on-going working relationship with one particular consultant, who can become more familiar with students’ style and concerns and best help them with each new assignment. 
To learn more about our consultants, visit our Writing Consultants page.

What type of writing can we discuss in a consultation?

Students can bring any type of writing to a consultation. Consultants give thoughtful responses to academic coursework in any discipline, creative writing, resumes, personal statements, job applications, graduate-school applications, grants, professional scholarship, posters, PowerPoints, and more.

Will consultants proofread or edit students’ writing?

We usually begin consultations with discussions of global writing issues—meeting the requirements of an assignment, developing a thesis statement, supporting ideas with evidence, and organizing those ideas. Within those discussions, consultants work with students on local concerns, such as grammar, usage, syntax, or punctuation. Consultants also guide students in learning proofreading and revision strategies, so students feel confident making local revisions outside of the Writing Center. While consultants are happy to talk about proofreading and revision strategies, they will not edit a student's paper for them.

How do I make an appointment with the Writing Center?

The Seattle University Writing Center is happy to announce our new online scheduling tool, Writing Center Online! We have begun using Writing Center Online to have students make appointments online as of Winter Quarter 2017 Finals Week!

To get started, please register for an account at https://seattleu.mywconline.com. You will need to register using a valid Seattle University e-mail address. Please note that your e-mail and password for WCOnline will not change when you change your Seattle University account password. 

You can also stop by or call us to make an appointment. The Writing Center is open Monday through Thursday, 9am to 8pm (closed 12-2pm on Thursdays), on Friday, 9am to 3pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Students, staff and faculty are welcome to visit us on the 2nd floor of the Lemieux Library or call (206) 296-6239 to make an appointment. Students can make appointments up to two weeks in advance via WCOnline. To schedule an appointment more than two weeks in advance, please call the front desk or stop by the Writing Center to schedule in person.

For a detailed tutorial on how to make an appointment, please see the video below:

What if there are no available appointments?

WCOnline has a waiting list feature which you can use to add yourself to the waiting list for any given day. To use it, simply click the icon next to the date you would like an appointment for, and you will be notified of any openings on the schedule, based on the preferences you set for the waiting list.

How do drop-in sessions on Saturday work?

On Saturdays, clients can come to the Writing Center between the hours of 10am and 2pm and have a session ranging from 15 minutes to an hour with a consultant. To sign up for a drop-in session, clients will be asked to sign in on the sign-in sheet on the front desk counter and to fill out a drop-in consultation form. A consultant will then work with the client as soon as they are available. Clients can also schedule traditional, pre-scheduled hour-long consultations for Saturdays.

What other resources does the Writing Center provide?

If you don’t have an appointment at the Writing Center, but you want to work on your writing while you wait for an opening, you can use the Writing Lab. The Writing Lab is open during all Writing Center open hours. To use the Writing Lab, sign in at the front desk. To learn more about Writing Lab resources, visit our Writing Lab page.

In addition to individual consultations and the Writing Lab, the Writing Center offers online, downloadable resources to address issues that arise at the different stages of the writing process. 

The Writing Center also has a Facebook page. You can "Like" the Writing Center’s Facebook page for the most updated information on resources and workshops.