Staff Council


The purpose of the Seattle University Staff Council (SUSC) is to serve as a formal representative voice of our diverse and intersectional staff community. The Staff Council will advocate on behalf of staff and make recommendations to University leadership, including the President's Cabinet, on matters which impact staff including Seattle University culture. To ensure a positive environment and the personal and professional growth of all staff, SUSC will partner to develop opportunities for staff across all levels and departments. Learn more about SUSC Bylaws.

Leadership Team 2022-2023

  • Laura Reeve, President | She/Her | Information Technology Services (2025)
  • Stephanie Lewis, Vice President | She/Her | University Core (2024)
  • Carly Darcher, Secretary/Treasurer | She/Her | Student Academic Services (2024)


  • Emma Adkins | She/Her | College of Nursing (2025)
  • Joyce Allen | She/Her | Office of the Registrar (2025)
  • Nick Cubita | He/Him | New Student Programs (2025)
  • Ashlee Day | She/They | Office of Multicultural Affairs (2024)
  • Valerie Fisher | She/They | Disability Services (2024)
  • Isa Galligar | She/Her | Chemistry Department (2025)
  • Chuy Garcia | They/Them | Student Health Center (2025)
  • Suzanne Haws | They/Them | Advancement Services (2025)
  • Heather Juul | They/Them | School of Law (2025)  
  • Jana Matthews | She/Her | School of Law (2025)
  • Mike Mullen | He/Him | Mechanical Systems (2024)
  • Rachel Olson | She/Her | Center for Faculty Development (2024)
  • Niall Quinn | He/Him | Student Financial Services (2024)
  • Becky Rowe | She/Her | Human Resources (2024)
  • Gabe Solseng | He/Him | Office of the Registrar (2024)
  • Kim Thompson | She/Her | Disability Services (2024)
  • Eli Christopher Voigt | She/Her | Marketing Communication (2024)
  • Kevin Wells | He/Him | Decision Support (2025)

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting Members)

  • Katie Bowler | Former Staff Council President | Advancement Services
  • Jerron Lowe | VP Human Resources | Senior Leadership Liason 

Initiatives and Priorities

The Staff Council identified some of its major priorities and created several committees in order to address these priorities.

This committee facilitates appointments of staff to various committees across campus. Through engagement in shared work, we strive to help improve staff participation and representation across campus.

This committee believes that respect is mission-essential to Seattle University, and will work to identify specific issues, draft possible solutions, and create a more inclusive and community-focused campus.

This committee will highlight the priorities of Seattle University staff and ensure that Seattle U will continue to develop compensation and benefit programs that are attractive, promote retention, and adequately reward our talented and diverse staff members.

The committee seeks to improve communication, understanding, and respect between Seattle University staff and faculty, so that all can work together harmoniously toward the University's mission, vision, and goals.

The SUSC Recognition/Appreciation Committee will explore the different ways that staff can be recognized and appreciated by supervisors, colleagues, and friends on the Seattle University campus. With all the outstanding contributions that staff members make to the university on a daily basis, we need to celebrate our excellence more frequently!

The professional development committee will work to identify, advocate for and develop more inclusive professional development opportunities for all staff.

Principles in Practice


Staff Participation

Any full-time or regular part-time staff member (after a full year of employment) may be nominated to Staff Council and all staff have the opportunity to vote in the yearly election. Plus, all campus members are welcome to attend monthly meetings.


Kudos for Colleagues

Recognize your colleagues with our Kudos for Colleagues program! Staff Council celebrates staff members for their great work, personal attitude, treatment of others, service to the community, and support of the University’s mission. Join us in spreading a culture of appreciation and recognition in our campus community.


Affinity Groups

Staff Council promotes building community relationships and support for one another. There are several affinity groups on campus, such as the Seattle University Parents Community, Queer-Net, Women of Color in Mission and more!

Get in Touch

Staff Council welcomes your ideas, questions, suggestions, or feedback. Contact one of the Staff Council members directly or email the entire staff council at: