Physical Wellness

You can do it!

here are some tips to get you started

Three things SU students are most challenged by are that pesky cold that keeps them from class, getting enough sleep to feel rested, and eating healthy on a budget. Here are some ways you can get started and you can always speak with someone in our office to go more in depth.

of SU students got a flu shot in the last year

up 24% over the last 8 years

of Seattle U students eat 3+ fruits & veggies daily

about 10% more than US college students

of SU students get enough sleep to feel rested most days of the week

Source: Seattle University National College Health Assessment, 2017

Cold & Flu

Getting a cold or the flu can keep you from what's most important and prevention really is the best medicine.

Free Cold & Flu Kits

Students can stop by Student Center 380 anytime to pick up a Cold and Flu Kit from the Health and Wellness Crew. The kit includes information, tissues, tea, hand sanitizer, disposable thermometers, and more!

Get your flu vaccine

Getting a flu vaccine each year is an important step in preventing the flu.  The Student Health Center offers it right on campus and many insurance companies will cover the cost at a local pharmacy.  

Even if you've never had the flu, getting the vaccine helps those on campus who are unable to be vaccinated by keeping the virus to a minimum.

Stop the spread of germs

Covering your cough and washing your hands often is something simple everyone can do to keep germs from spreading.

If you're sick, stay home and rest.  And if you've had a flu-like illness, stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for other necessities.


Good nutrition can be as easy as making a few healthy changes to what you eat and drink.  

Focus on fruits and vegetables

Try to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily and aim to make them half of each meal.

  • Fruit and veg sides are options for many meals on campus
  • Frozen vegetables are a great option, budget friendly and they last longer
  • Pack a piece of fruit as a snack

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