Wellness and Health Promotion


  • Selection for 14-15 Closed

    We have selected our HAWC members for the 2014-2015 school year - please contact those members at HAWC@seattleu.edu to find out how to get involved.

    Health and Wellness Crew Member Description

    Members of HAWC are student volunteers who are trained in college student health, including physical wellness, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, and healthy relationships. All HAWC members receive training and certification as nationally recognized Peer Health Educators. HAWC exists to assess and address student health and wellness needs, and conduct a variety of health promotion activities all over campus.


    • Plan and implement campus wellness programs in collaboration with other members
    • Offer individual peer support to students
    • Attend programs put on by the Health and Wellness Crew to support fellow team members
    • Attend regular HAWC meetings

    Perks of the Position

    • Over 40 hours of training in wellness and health topics, including a national peer health educator certification
    • Large and small scale event and program planning
    • Experience facilitating workshops and conversations
    • Continued personal leadership and skill development
    • Being valued in the SU community as a peer resource for wellness and health
    • Access to office space and campus recourses

    Length of Term

    • A full academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters)¬†
    • All position selected each spring and officially in the fall¬†


    Membership in the Health and Wellness Crew is unlike any other student leader position on campus. It is a serious commitment with tremendous rewards and we ask that you carefully review all requirements as you decide to apply. Due to scheduling conflicts, we are aware that the following positions cannot be held at the same time as HAWC. We invite you to speak with us directly as you determine which leadership opportunity will be best for you.
    • Connections Leadership Program (CLP)
    • Orientation Advisor (OA)
    • Resident Assistant (RA)


    If you have questions about the position or the application process, please contact us!